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Pringles Reveal Limited Edition Chip Flavor Inspired by Halo

Pringles 1
Courtesy of Pringles

The Moa Burger is a popular menu item for restaurant chains found in the Halo universe. Gaming fans unfamiliar with the delicacy should still be able to recognize the moa bird from the many flocks dispersed among the ecosystem in Halo: Reach. Moas are large, flightless birds that share physical resemblances to the ostrich. 

The humans of Reach treat the moas like pets as well as cuisines. The Spartans are fairly indifferent to the existence of moas: players can be awarded the “Keep It Clean” achievement in Halo: Reach’s “Winter Contingency” mission by slaying seven moas. The moas soon went extinct not because of the habits of the Spartans, but because the Covenant vaporized all life on Reach through a process called “glassing.” After every lifeform on the planet’s surface is melted, the surface cools to create what looks like a hardened glass surface. 

The emotional ending to Halo: Reach shows our heroes falling victim to the glassing of the planet but bringing Reach back to life in the far future through their culture. The Spartans didn’t bring back the moas, though; Pringles decided they should be the ones to do that.

“We pride ourselves in creating insanely accurate flavor combinations, and this was a fun one to develop,” said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles. “While Moa Burger has a flavor that appeals to everyone, we expect this to be enjoyed – and maybe even collected – by Halo fans.”

This Walmart exclusive line of limited edition Pringles features a unique blend of flavors such as garlic, sweet ginger, and beef with an aftertaste of a mix of chili peppers and red peppers. While gaming fans are sure to eat this flavor up, the Halo community must be wondering about the timing of this collaboration. Halo Infinite was pushed from a 2020 release to a fall 2021 release after the 343 Industries received backlash for a lackluster gameplay showcase at Xbox’s 20/20 event last year. Pringles was most likely planning for the Wavy Moa Burger flavor to coincide with the Holiday 2020 release of Halo Infinite and wasn’t prepared for the development delay.

Halo Infinite’s delay has had an effect on other companies’ marketing schedules including Monster Energy’s recent promotion for the game. There are currently Monster Energy cans available in stores that give players double XP bonuses for a game that hasn’t even come out yet.
Despite the awkward timing of this recent marketing from Pringles, Halo fans are bound to accept the Wavy Moa Burger chips as a tasty snack. And from a company that came out with Ketchup chips, Soft-Shell Crab chips, Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara chips, and White Chocolate Peppermint chips, an extinct alien bird from a video game is far from the craziest flavor that Pringles has produced.

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