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Predator comes to the Fortnite world

Fortnite and its ever-increasing number of collaborations add another famous character to their game: this time it’s the cold-blooded killer Predator. Starting in Chapter 2 Season 5, players who kill Predator in an online game unlocked this insane Predator skin. An added bonus to this skin is that once you have it, you are able to have Predator take off his famous mask and see his real face. It is just as ugly as you would think.

Fortnite Predator 1
Courtesy of Fortnite

Predator can be found roaming around Stealthy Stronghold. If you kill him, he will drop a mythic item which allows you to become pretty much invisible for a short period of time. This is a massive advantage. The power does have some downside: if you go into water or change your weapon, the invisibility will end and you will be able to be seen by enemies. It honestly took me a little while to get used to it, as I would forget to not change my gun and end up becoming visible in the worst possible time. The power also comes with a 30-second rest period after you used it, so you needed to be strategic with when you used the ability.

Killing Predator is not as easy as you may think, as he is not easy to find. Do not expect to find him in your first game or you will be pretty disappointed. He is also in my personal opinion one of the hardest bosses we have had in Fortnite with all his special powers. He has a very strong swipe attack so it is best to not get too close to him when you are trying to kill him. He is also able to go invisible just like the power you get off of him when you kill him. It is beneficial to pay attention to the music as it changes when he gets closer to you. Predator can also run really fast and has a ton of health. Be ready for a battle if you decide to go and try to kill him.

I was only ever able to kill him a handful of times and I personally have decided to retire from Predator hunting, as it is just too tough for me. If you decide to take on this challenge I wish you luck, and remember: always be on the lookout for his famous glint, that’s how you know you are in a load of trouble.

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