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pr1me Accused of Sexual Solicitation of a Minor by Former Teammate

UPDATE 12:33 PDT: pr1me released an official statement.

UPDATE 12:32 PDT: Galakticos released a second statement, confirming they have released pr1me from their roster. More information at the end of the article.

The Turkish League of Legends community was shaken by recent news. Former Galakticos player Hamza “Maximillion” Kandemir shared a statement via social media, claiming his former teammate Mustafa “pr1me” Bilici had sexually solicited a 14-year old girl.

Courtesy of Galakticos

“I found his sexually explicit messages which can’t be ignored with a 14-year old girl and he kept making the same mistake, even though I warned him.” Maximillion said in the statement. “I registered the necessary complaints to related authorities.” 

Maximillion and pr1me had been teammates in Galakticos, competing together in Turkish Champions League (TCL) between January and March 2021. It was during this time Maximillion became aware of these conversations, and when he learned her identity, Maximillion discovered he was related to the girl pr1me was messaging.

“We discerned the incident 1-2 months before the season started, but nobody except me did anything about this, which bothered me.”

The statement continued.

“It looked like innocent messages at first, but then they turned into sexually explicit messages. Pr1me tried to fool her by using his victories in the league and demanded sexual pictures and videos from the 14-year old kid as prizes.”

Maximillion departed from Galakticos due to team issues and returned to his family house in March. “I thought pr1me stopped what he was doing, because he blocked her after I warned him repeatedly.”

The statement then explained pr1me had not stopped his behavior.

“After a short time I returned to my home, I met [her] since she is my close relative… One day when she left the house early in the morning I caught new messages from pr1me on her computer at that time. He sent some messages to her like ‘I can kidnap you and marry you.’ alongside sexual messages. After I saw the recent messages, I dialed pr1me, called him home, but he refused it and said he is sorry and it won’t happen again. Then he came to my place, but I don’t want to go into deep details regarding this.”

Maximillion emphasized that the organization, Galakticos, was aware of the situation from the beginning, he said the organization did not act on the allegations.

“After I registered the complaints to the officials, I went to the management of Galakticos and explained everything to them. They said they will do the necessary things, but apparently they didn’t.”

Maximillion also apologized for not bringing this to public attention sooner, because he believed Galakticos would “do the right thing” in the short term, but due to inaction he took to social media to reveal the allegations now, which he believes is “so late.”

Galakticos responded to the allegations with an official statement.

“As Galakticos, we have always determined our general principles and choices within the framework of legal rules and human values since the first day of our establishment. We want you to know that we would never allow a child to be abused, regardless of the reason. As you all know, we cannot make the legal decision for an investigation that has not yet started. We would like to point out that the details and content of the subject are meticulously followed by our legal team, however, we would like to inform the public that we will take all necessary legal measures to protect our material and moral rights starting from tomorrow.” 

In response to the allegations and statements, pr1me released his own in response, stating, “I would like to apologize to my team and other loved ones who had a headache because of this issue. In this process, I am going to get benched with my own decision in order not to affect the course of our team and not to waste the efforts of my friends and our management.” The original statement can be found here. A translated version is also available.

Galakticos also released a followup statement later in the day, explaining they are looking into the matter, and have removed pr1me from their roster.

“We have not received any official application or record that we requested from our player Hamza “Maximillion” Kandemir regarding today’s claim that we were unintentionally involved in. After the relevant tweet, the documents and applications we requested were not forwarded to us.”

The statement continued.

“But after Hamza’s statements, after our meeting with Jahrein, who has been interested in the subject from the very beginning, we have received information that the prosecution applications and records are real. Accordingly, we have parted ways with our player, pr1me. We once again share our sadness with the public for being involved in such an event. On behalf of our club, we would like to thank dear Jahrein, who approached and enlightened the subject sensitively.”

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