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Power Your Memes! Microsoft Will Soon Sell Xbox Series X Mini Fridges

So yeah, those limited edition Xbox Series X refrigerators from last year… they’re baaaaack!

The Xbox Series X fridges are becoming a reality thanks to viral (and hilarious) memes and social media campaigns from the likes of Snoop Dogg and The Rock.

Xbox Series X
Courtesy of Griffin Gaming/YouTube

Right before the official start to the annual NCAA March Madness tournament in mid-March, Twitter Marketing decided to host an elimination tournament of their own. This epic scheme, dubbed “Battle of Tweets,” pitted 16 household brands against each other to determine which would be crowned the best brand on Twitter as voted by the fans.

The stacked field included the likes of Wendy’s, Oreo, Spotify, Doritos, and more, but it was Xbox that came out on top. It beat out Skittles in the final only by the slimmest of margins.

Earlier in the campaign, General Manager for Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft Aaron Greenberg promised that if Xbox won the campaign, they would produce the mini-fridges for the mass market.

This continues an interesting trend of gaming-fused with food and beverages. What a time to be alive in a world where consoles exist that keep your chicken nice and hot and your beer nice and chill.

While not as life-sized as the original fridges which released last year exclusively as part of a special sweepstakes, the Xbox Series X mini fridges are essentially the same product.

The minis were created to promote the Xbox Series X console and The Rock’s new energy drink. Various influencers were also sent the mini-fridges styled as the new-gen console.

Fans have made it clear on Twitter that there is certainly a market for the fridge. Microsoft has promised that further details will be revealed later in the year as to  when and how the Xbox mini fridges will become available. It begs the question: would you cop one??Would you cop one??

Fun fact: This isn’t Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first time collaborating with Microsoft. The most electrifying man in entertainment actually helped reveal the original Xbox back in 2001.

Here’s a compilation of some of the memes that helped power the anticipated mini-fridges into a reality:

 Stay cool, gamers. Stay cool.

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