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Power-ups that should be added to Rocket League’s Rumble Mode

Rocket League
Courtesy of Psyonix

There are already a good number of awesome power-ups in Rocket League Rumble mode, but your favorite esports writer thought of some new all-stars which could spice up the game if added. Some of my ideas take some of the original power-ups and add a little twist, and others go in completely original routes. Check ‘em out!

Goal Transporter

When activated, this new power-up would transport you into your own goal. This power would be great for when there is a fast break by the enemy team and it seems like you’re unable to catch up and stop a goal. This power-up would allow you to get back in time and make some epic saves. I also think this power-up would balance out the spike power-up, which sometimes allows for a super easy goal.

Bouncy Ball

This power-up would make the ball extra bouncy. This power would probably make the game harder, but it would allow for players to use it as sort of a defensive tool to mess up opponents on a fast break. Who knows: maybe, players could also get creative and score some epic shots with an extra floaty ball.

Big Car

This power would make your car extra big and would be useful in a couple ways. First, it would allow you to crush other cars, as you are a ton bigger than them. It would also make controlling the ball a lot easier, as your car is bigger and can hit the ball better. Be careful, though: I imagine maneuverability might get a bit more tricky, and if you’re not watching yourself, you might even hit your teammates.

Little Car

This power could be used to make an enemy car tiny. This would force them to have a hard time controlling the ball and would also make their car go slower than usual. This is the opposite of my idea for “Big Car,” and I think the ideas would pair well together.

No new power-ups have been added to the game in a long time, so hopefully, Rocket League will see that fans are interested and add in some updates. The most important thing when coming up with your own new ideas for power-ups is that they shouldn’t break the game. I don’t think any of my ideas would end up breaking the game in any way, but what do you guys think? Let me know if my ideas are good or if you have any great ideas of your own!

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