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Pokemon Presents Introduces Pokemon Legends Arceus

All Photos Courtesy of Pokemon and Nintendo

February 26’s Pokemon Presents was an event fans had long waited for. Premiering on the eve of Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary, the broadcast released a slew of huge announcements for the franchise, including the reveal of Generation IV remake titles Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. However, the adventures in the Sinnoh region don’t stop there. The final announcement at the Pokemon Presents livestream was the introduction of a whole new title and direction for the Pokemon series, Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus marks a new beginning for the Pokemon game series. Deviating from the mainstream elements of conventional Pokemon games, Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to take place in a primeval Sinnoh region, dating back before modern civilization and to a time when the land was mostly wilderness. The familiar location of Mt. Coronet was originally at the center of the region during this time.

Individuals from all over the world traveled to Sinnoh and created a village, aiming to learn more about the region. The Pokemon at this time lived freely in the wild, however the environment was much more unforgiving compared to the modern Sinnoh region. In this olden-day Sinnoh, the three starter Pokemon Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott were purportedly brought to the land by a certain traveling professor, each from one of the various other regions they traversed. 

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With a brand new narrative backdrop and the ancient rendition of a familiar region to explore, Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to create a completely different experience for Pokemon gaming. Players will choose between the three aforementioned starter Pokemon to begin a journey across the region, in which they aim to complete Sinnoh’s very first PokeDex. Trainers will be able to capture wild Pokemon in this primeval era through the use of PokeBalls, of which also have an appropriately archaic appearance with respect to the ancient times.


Even in olden-day Sinnoh, Pokemon battles are still very prevalent. As in the previous mainstay series titles, players will be able to engage in Pokemon battles alongside their partner Pokemon. 

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With regard to the very title Pokemon Legends Arceus, the game will feature a narrative that centers around the Mythical Pokemon Arceus, much like the preceding main series titles and their respective representative Pokemon. According to legend, Arceus is the very being that formed the foundation of the world of Pokemon. Surrounded by ‘mystery’, the very meaning of the word “Sinnoh” itself, it is currently unknown what role the mythical Pokemon will play in this ancient adventure. With regard to the Sinnoh region’s themes centering around Pokemon history and mythology, the focus on Arceus is very much appropriate for a title that takes players back to the bygone eras of this world. 

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Pokemon Legends Arceus, while still currently in development, essentially begins a new era of Pokemon games. Going back to the very roots of the Sinnoh region, this title is expected to provide players with an entirely new experience in the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2022. Further details are expected to be revealed in the future. 

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