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Pokémon Music and Chill: Gotta Hear ‘Em All (Part 3)

This just in: Pokémon has amazing music.

One of the many things to make the Pokémon games so memorable is the music that plays while we journey to become a champion. These melodies are invaluable and truly enhance the entire playing experience. Reminisce on the beautiful Pokémon memories of your childhood (or even adulthood) by listening to some of the soundtracks of many folks’ upbringing worldwide. To help, I’ve collaborated with the evolutionarily amazing @PokemonOST twitter page to present you some of the most chill and awesome Pokémon music in the entire region.

Gotta hear ’em all! (Part 3.)

Pokémon Music and Chill: Gotta Hear ‘Em All (Part 3) 4

To put together this list, I’ve gathered the ten most-liked posts on @PokemonOST’s twitter to be featured in no particular order (plus one more I decided to throw in because it’s awesome.)

First off, we have this Lake theme from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (and Platinum.) This theme strikes the perfect balance of chill and upbeat while matching the occasion with a gentle breeze of harmony.

Speaking of Diamond and Pearlremakes are coming to a region near you soon! 

So nice it’s featured twice is the happy music of Littleroot Town. What better way to put a smile on your face on Pokémon Day than to listen to this theme again?

Another repeat offender. Driftveil City’s theme from Pokémon Black & White is one of the most popular themes in the Pokéverse simply because it is a true bop.

It is also a part of the fifth generation of Pokémon soundtracks, which in my opinion collectively has the best music in the franchise (highly debatable, I know.)

This theme from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 sports some high-pitched animated melodies of zest befitting the underwater dreamland of Unova; gracefully fluid music for the aesthetically aquatic visuals of Marine Tube.

With 19.5k likes, this is the most-liked piece on the Pokémon Music’s twitter, and for good reason. Say what you will about snow (we’ve weathered the recent snow storms here in America after a long week!) but there’s an inherently quaint element to the visuals of a snow-covered area. It’s rather peaceful to be immersed in when not traveling (another highly debatable statement.) Nonetheless, the snowy draped landscape of Route 216 and its music is a quality listen, no matter how you feel about snow.  

Pokemon OST 1
Pokémon Music and Chill: Gotta Hear ‘Em All (Part 3) 5

The Pokémon Music twitter page, @PokemonOST, was created in April 2020 by a young man from Spain. It was created to help him face the hard times of quarantine due to the global pandemic. The idea to create this page was one that he had in mind for a while, but the arrival of COVID-19 is what ultimately influenced its creation at the time. As you can hear, the page is full of wonderful Pokémon music uploaded on a weekly basis, with the idea to “chill out and remember the most beautiful moments of your life.” All Pokémon fans worldwide can confidently and gladly credit the franchise for at least a few amazing memories, and the music across the eight generation of games have been the soundtrack to those memories. Pokémon’s music catalogue is widely celebrated for its amazing battle themes (and non-battle themes too, don’t get me wrong!), but what I like about the @PokemonOST page is that the majority of the tracks uploaded on there acknowledge the versatility of sounds the franchise has to offer that are just as satisfying in their own right. The page has accumulated more than 87,000 followers and counting in less than a year, and I speak for Pokémon fans worldwide when I say thank you to the Spain native for creating it!

** We respect his wishes to remain nameless.

Here is one of many joyous-sounding soundtracks in a series that has a track record for stellar piano implementation in its music. The Accumula Town theme is the theme for an interesting craze of sorts that was dubbed the “Furret walk.” There’s an hour-long version of this on YouTube that has over three million views. One fan even called it “the cure for depression.” (I’d recommend checking out the comments section for more hot takes and good laughs.)

The Sinnoh region’s Eterna Forest is one that is full of mystery and complexity. One thing that isn’t a mystery is that its theme is a quality listen—and a somewhat conflicting calm and “at ease” vibe, but a welcoming one.

This theme is equal parts sentimental, nostalgic, and beautiful at the same time. Its simplicity is fitting given the nature of its name and use in Pokémon Black and White—a stark and pleasing contrast from some of the soundtracks in the series with immaculately grand productions (just wanted an excuse to flex that piece in the link… boss moves only💯).

There go those signature Pokémon snare roles! This is just some good ole’ fashion “let’s go on an adventure” music that the series portrays so well.

All Jubilife City themes are good (great) themes (I featured the Pokémon X & Y version here). This night theme from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum is soothing with extra cool and vibey jazz elements—a perfect night cap.

I leave you fine folks with one of the most critically-acclaimed soundtracks in the Pokémon series. Champion Cynthia’s theme fell short of the ten most liked posts on the Pokémon Music twitter page, but it is one that is nonetheless without a doubt one of the most memorable themes of the franchise. Its haunting and exhilarating piano performance is revered for its ability to capture the listener’s attention, and is a very fitting melody for an encounter with a champion.

What you’ve experienced “hear” is just a taste of the wonder that is Pokémon music. Drop a follow on the @PokemonOST twitter page to hear more and to have a stream of amazing soundtracks like these appear in your feed on a consistent basis!

Big thanks to the page for working with me, and for simply existing.

Nintendo 1
Courtesy of Nintendo

Also, you can check out parts 1 and 2 of the Gotta Hear ‘Em All! series here and here.

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