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Pokémon Announces Pokémon Day Virtual Concert Featuring Post Malone

On Saturday, February 27, Pokémon will officially turn 25 years old. February 27 – known as Pokémon Day – marks the day in 1996 when the first two Pokémon games, Red and Green (yes, Green), were released in Japan.

We were all waiting for Pokémon to announce something big for their special day. However, I think it is safe to say that we were not expecting that “something big” to be a virtual Post Malone concert.

You read that correctly. And you are not hallucinating the following image.

Post Malone
This is an actual, real image courtesy of the Pokémon Company.

While the presentational details of the concert remain unknown, the incredibly surreal trailer released today seems to suggest that the American rapper will be appearing as some kind of virtual, Pokémon Go-style avatar, face tattoos and all. (So when are face tattoos coming to Sword and Shield, huh? HUH?!)

The concert will air on YoutTube, Twitch, and the Pokémon 25 website at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on Feb. 27, and will kickoff the yearlong P25 Music program. The release on Pokémon’s website promises even more “unexpected surprises” during the Post Malone event and encourages guests to “stay tuned through the end for more thrilling P25 Music announcements.” Brace yourselves, dear trainers. 

Exactly what else this program has in store is still a mystery, except that it will also somehow involve Katy Perry. P25 Music, at its announcement, also promised to feature “rising artists,” which would sure be nice.

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