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PlayStation State of Play Showcases Gorgeous Gameplay Reveal for Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West
Courtesy of PlayStation

May 27’s State of Play broadcast focused solely on the upcoming PlayStation exclusive title, Horizon Forbidden West, giving the public a taste of what’s to come. The livestream featured 14 minutes of stunning gameplay as well as some commentary from Guerrilla Games’ Game and Narrative Directors, Mathijs de Jonge and Ben McCaw. 

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to the 2017 PlayStation 4 action-role playing title Horizon Zero Dawn. The sequel was originally announced at Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal in June 2020. Horizon Forbidden West takes place 6 months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, in which main character and machine hunter Aloy journeys west in hopes of saving the world from a mysterious “blight” that is plaguing life on Earth. She will encounter new monsters, tribes, enemies, and friends – new and old – on her mission in the cryptic lands of the west.

Horizon Forbidden West
Courtesy of PlayStation

The extended trailer depicts Aloy on a mission to rescue her friend Erend from a rebel faction of the Tenakth tribe, dubbed “The Raiders,” who have somehow acquired the ability to override the machine adversaries. Aloy initially sent Erend into the San Francisco ruins to retrieve an crucial artifact necessary for her quest in conquering the blight threatening life on Earth (Featuring a Golden Gate Bridge Easter Egg).

In this snippet of Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy traverses the western ruins using a new set of tools, including the Pullcaster, a device that enables her to climb swiftly, the Shieldwing, which allows her to parachute to a safe landing from great heights, and the Diving Mask, which gives her the ability to explore underwater freely without having to worry about returning to the surface for air. Aloy’s Focus also receives enhancements, giving her abilities that show climbable areas and allow her to override machines to use them as mounts for faster travel or combat. 

Horizon Forbidden West
Courtesy of PlayStation

Aloy must execute careful battle tactics in order to subdue the threats she faces. As such, she has access to a wider range of weapons that can all be enhanced through utilizing workbenches. Some of the weapons and devices include a chargeable Spear and Valor Surges, which allow her to perform special abilities to throw off her enemies and engage in close combat. She also possesses a Bow that uses special ammunition to dismantle machine armor and expose their weak points. Explosives and adhesive grenades are other materials at Aloy’s disposal to help her take down enemies and threats. 

Horizon Forbidden West
Courtesy of PlayStation

On her journey traversing these perilous and uncharted lands, Aloy will face off against hostile humans and ferocious machines. Some of these machine threats include Clawstriders and Tremortusks, who roam the lands, Snapmaws and Burrowers, who lurk in the waters, and Sunwings, who prowl the skies. While the dangers are great, Aloy will be aided by new and familiar faces on her journey to save life on Earth from the sinister blight. 

While a set release date has yet to be announced, further updates and information regarding Horizon Forbidden West will be revealed at later dates. 

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