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Mario Party’s Board Game Mode is Finally Available Online

Several months ago, a group of friends and I each bought Super Mario Party during a Switch online sale, assuming that we were adding to our repertoire of meaningful online games we could play together during the pandemic. We were wrong. But now, our dreams finally came true.

Mario Party
Courtesy of Nintendo

The only online option in Mario Party since its October 2018 release had been Mariothon, an almost comically lackluster affair where players competed in a tournament of five minigames – out of only ten playable options.

However, recently, Party-goers were treated to a complete surprise from Nintendo: the game’s first update in years, which significantly bolsters its online play capabilities. Players can now engage in online multiplayer in the Mario Party, Partner Party, and Free Play modes. This means – at long last – you can finally play a Mario Party board game online.

Additionally, the roster of available minigames has skyrocketed from a paltry ten up to seventy – and that’s out of eighty games total.

Players can engage in this revelry by either inviting friends or creating a room with a private code.

The only confusing front navigating the technicalities of entering the game with one Switch and two players – the details read off like a riddle. If you have two players playing on two systems, a third Switch cannot join in with two players. But, if you start with a two-player Switch, you can bring in two single-player Switch pals. However, you can have a game with two Switches with two players each. It’s truly something worthy of the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.

The new Super Mario Party update is available right now. So go have fun, and the best of luck to the inevitable competitive tension this will put on your friendships.

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