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Perkz: The Rise to Dominance, Adjusting to North America and Cobra Kai

It was a shock to many fans when Cloud9 announced the acquisition of Luka “Perkz” Perković from G2 Esports. The eight-time LEC champion, Worlds regular and MSI champion made headlines in November after announcing he was leaving G2 Esports. Now, he has made waves in North America, gunning for the title of best NA Mid-laner in addition to helping his team place second in the inaugural LCS Lock In tournament. We sat down with Perks following his win last week against Immortals.

Perkz: The Rise to Dominance, Adjusting to North America and Cobra Kai 5

Becoming the Best in NA

Perkz1 1
Photo courtesy of Lol Esports

Following the retirement of TSM superstar Bjergsen, many questioned who would step up to the challenge and become NA’s next star mid-laner. Many turned eyes to Team Liquid’s Jensen. When Perkz arrived, eyes were drawn to him. 

Perkz explained, despite his previous success on G2, this was a brand new challenge.

“I feel like everything is pretty close,” he said. “It’s different continents and different players, but the philosophy and atmosphere is very similar.”

Perkz reiterated that there was also a reunion coming to Cloud9 between two original G2 Esports members, AD Carry Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and Assistant Coach Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez.

Perkz2 1
Photo courtesy of Samurai Gamers

He also talked about the overall state of the metagame, which is dominated by control mages including Orianna, Syndra and Azir. While Perkz this weekend was able to make a very flashy Empire’s Divide in his win against TSM, he explained that he didn’t like the meta.

“I kind of like, hate to be that guy, but I feel like mid lane is pretty weak compared to previous years,” said Perkz reminiscing and hoping that assassin champions like Akali can be played again.

Adjusting to the New Culture of North America

The adjustment to a new region is always a daunting task, and Perkz expressed similar sentiments.

“I think we had like some differences in the beginning, maybe,” he said. “But we are starting to be more aligned in the reviews and scrims and in general approaching our issues … I feel like we are just progressing.”

Coming to North America was also an adjustment for Perkz, though ultimately one for the better. After braving untold Berlin winters, the warmer North American climate is a welcome relief.

He expressed his satisfaction for the nicer weather which allows for more team-building opportunities, saying, “It definitely makes my experience much more enjoyable.”

Perkz3 1
Photo courtesy of LCS

The Simpler Things in Life Matter

We also asked Perkz about the cultural differences in North America compared to Europe. He’s more excited about the adventures of being on a new continent with a new team. 

“I’m just really excited to be doing new adventures in the different continents and different regions, trying a new approach to everything,” he said.

Perkz also talked about his trip to a mini-golf course with C9, the same golf course where hit Netflix show Cobra Kai was filmed. The golfing was a major part of his cultural development in NA (and yes – he did do well.)

He also talked about his love of ice cream, admitting to ordering it two times a week on occasion (Syft can confirm that his favorite flavor of ice cream is Strawberry Cheesecake.)

Final Thoughts

As a player with perhaps one of the biggest fan bases in North America, Perkz offered some final thoughts to his and C9’s fans.

“I appreciate the support … We’re going to do great things this year,” he said. “I know it, you know it. I think everybody in the world knows it … Just wait for it.”

It was a privilege to interview Perkz and we look forward to interviewing him again in the near future.

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