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In perhaps the biggest surprise of the tournament, has advanced to the rumble stage. The Oceanic hopefuls pulled off some major upsets, including taking down the Unicorns of Love three times to make it to the next stage. Although they had a rocky start, they’re earning the attraction of fans across the world. One of the major stars to contribute to the success was Brandon ‘BioPanther’ Alexander – the LCO’s Spring Split MVP. We caught up with BioPanther after Day 1 of MSI.’s BioPanther Talks Day 1 Struggles, Veteranship and Top Lane Opponents 6

First Day Woes

The oceanic upstarts had a bit of a challenge off the bat, having to play two games back to back against both RNG and the Unicorns of Love. After coming off the difficult games, BioPanther was concerned with his team’s performance.

“I think for us, as a team, we needed like, to take out of these games that our drafting is really bad,” he said in reference to his team’s game two performances. He also critiqued his own performance on both the Urgot and the Ornn.
Courtesy of Riot Games

He also praised his top lane opponents in his group, including LPL all-pro top laner Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao and the LCL’s Vladislav “BOSS” Fomin. He even went on to call Xiaohu one of the best top laners, saying, “It’s such a great opportunity to vs. him, especially in MSI.”

But for all his praise, throughout the course of the Group Stage, Biopanther demonstrated just how dominating he could be against top lane juggernauts.

The Legacy of the LCO

Readers of our content may not know the LCO. Formally the OPL, the LCO brings the best Oceanic talent to the international stage. Players such as Cloud9’s Fudge, 100 Thieves’ FBI and TSM’s Lost all came from the Oceanic region. However, BioPanther assured fans that the LCO is still a competitive region despite being considered wild cards.
Courtesy of Snowball Esports

“I want [fellow teams at MSI] to realize that I think that at the end of the day, the enemy team will load up into League of Legends just like us,” he said. “No matter what, even if we’re like a wild card region, we can still take games off these guys.”

Being the Veteran of the Squad

BioPanther is not a stranger to the international stage. He played on the Dire Wolves in 2018 and led his team to upsets against LLA’s Infinity Esports. Now he leads the team at MSI. When asked about that, he said that he wants to be able to grow from these experiences.

“I just want to push the confidence in these guys, because I feel like they were a little bit nervous coming into these games,” he said in response to the losses on the day. As the tournament continued, it’s safe to say that the nerves definitely vanquished.
Courtesy of Riot Games

The Giants of the Top Lane

BioPanther isn’t the only top lane juggernaut of the tournament.  Among the other heavy-hitters, he said he most wants to faceCloud9’s Fudge and Damwon KIA’s Khan.

“If I’m able to vs. one of those two, like, I’ll be super game for sure,” he said.
Courtesy of Riot Games is definitely a team to watch, and we’ll be sure to acknowledge  their strength as a region. It’ll soon take on the LEC’s MAD Lions in their first game at the Rumble Stage; we’ll keep you posted as the match progresses.

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