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Pedro Pascal to Star as Joel in HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Series

Pedro Pascal
Courtesy of Getty

If there was ever a way that HBO could get the gaming community excited for a live action The Last of Us series, this is the way. The iconic core duo from the beloved Naughty Dog games have found their real-life portrayals in the form of two Game of Thrones alumni. Both announcements were made by various news outlets and later confirmed by the co-creator of the original series, Neil Druckmann. 

Bella Ramsey’s involvement with the project was the first announcement to be confirmed. Ramsey is mainly known for her role as Lyanna Mormont in seasons 6-8 of Game of Thrones. Lyanna is a young and competent character in a chaotic world, much like Ellie in The Last of Us. For the show, Ellie will have to find a balance between her defiant independence and an emotional reliance on others. The character of Joel creates a fitting dynamic with Ellie by being her protector and surrogate father figure. 

Considering Pascal’s latest portrayal of the title character of the immensely popular Disney Plus series The Mandalorian, he is the perfect choice to play the role of Joel Miller. The parallels between the two characters are obvious; both find themselves becoming the guardian of an imperative youngster that they end up developing an emotional bond with. In the case of Mando, this is Baby Yoda, and in the case of Joel, this is Ellie.

Pedro Pascal is also a great choice because he is an acclaimed actor currently in his prime. Other than The Mandalorian, he was able to win people’s hearts with his roles as Prince Oberyn in HBO’s Game of Thrones and Javier Peña in Netflix’s Narcos. The fanbase for The Last of Us should be excited to have Pascal and Ramsey onboard to star in the live action series.

The Last of Us
Courtesy of Naughty Dog

HBO’s The Last of Us was initially announced in March 2020 with a formal series order arriving in November of that same year. The show will take place two decades after civilization was decimated by a fungal plague. The events of the series will line up with the first game in that it will follow Joel as he breaks Ellie, a teenager immune to the plague, out of a designated quarantine zone and takes her on a devastating journey across the United States in order to save the world. 

With the backing of the creative team from the games and two outstanding lead actors, this show can’t come soon enough.

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