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PAYDAY 3 Needs A Publisher, And It Just Might Get One

Courtesy of Forbes

Starbreeze has revealed via Q4 report that they are seeking another publisher to close a partnership agreement. 

If you thought Payday was dead, you were wrong. Starbreeze pumped out several content pieces for the game in 2020, and they helped grow the game’s revenue by 66.7%. CEO Tobias Sjörgen stated that the game had 7.1 million active members on Steam and that the increased revenue actually helped the company clear off some debt. 

PayDay 2’s community and revenue from 2020 helped greenlight another installment eight years after its release. How many games (aside from GTA V) can say that after eight years they still have 7.1 million active players, and grew their revenue by over 60%? Very, very few.

The problem that Starbreeze is facing doesn’t stem from financial issues, but more from partnerships. They’re currently trying to find a publisher for PayDay 3, though with the ongoing success of PayDay 2 eight years post-launch, they shouldn’t have too much of a problem. 


With less debt, a strong community, and successful content sales, Starbreeze has managed to keep an eight-year-old game in a thriving state. With players practically begging for a third game and a financial track record looking awfully successful, many publishers might start taking Starbreeze seriously again. 

If you want to read Starbreeze’s Q4 report, you can find that here.

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