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Path To Pro: Aquatik Esports’ New Scouting Platform

As the esports and gaming industry continues to rise in global esteem, the potential for gamers to go pro has also continued to grow. Established esports organizations are constantly turning the dreams of aspiring pro gamers to reality. From initiatives such as FaZe Clan’s FaZe 5 to the rapidly growing arena of collegiate esports programs, the path to going pro has only continued to solidify. In that spirit, Florida-based Aquatik Esports recently launched its scouting platform, Aquatik Alliance. 

Aquatik Esports 1
Image courtesy of Aquatik Esports

According to an article from Esports Insider, Aquatik Alliance is “a new platform for organizations to scout and develop aspiring esports players.” What that entails, at least in part, will be a series of tournaments for a number of different titles, all dedicated to scouting. The first of these scouting tournaments actually launched earlier this month. On Jan. 8, the BigTime College Tournament began, pitting 13 schools against each other as their VALORANT teams compete through April 25 for a $6,000 prize pool. 

Cosair Bigtime conference
Image courtesy of Aquatik Esports

The conference, presented by Corsair, one of Aquatik Esports’ sponsors, is the first scouting opportunity facilitated by the new Aquatik Alliance initiative. According to a press release from Aquatik Esports, the initiative is spearheaded by Rob Borm from Game Informer and Andrew Bouley from Horizon Cloud Extended Reality with the intent to “enable players of all skill sets access to competitive tournaments while also enabling pro esports organizations access to talent.” This past December, Borm joined Aquatic Esports as its VP of Sales & Sponsorships. As for Andrew Bouley, he serves as the Managing Director at Aquatik Esports. The company, which will officially celebrate its one-year anniversary this upcoming March, has grown a lot since its founding nine months ago, adding “four partners to its roster, including computer gaming brand AORUS and gaming peripherals manufacturer Razer,” according to Esports Insider. As an esports organization, Aquatik Esports seems thoroughly committed to the idea of growth.

Aquatik Setup
Image courtesy of Aquatik Esports

In its press release, Aquatik’s mantra is described as “Esports to Everyone” and even its website describes the company as a “Competitive esports organization centered around conservation, education & innovation.” In terms of education, the org also has its own Aquatik University, intended to provide “multiple series and courses in Gaming, Streaming, Development and More!”  We here at Syft have covered similar institutions, such as Konami’s Esports School in Japan, making a case for the notion that esports orgs across the board are increasingly investing in educational resources to up-and-coming gamers. 

By committing not only to connecting aspiring pro gamers with opportunities, but also to providing training and education, Aquatik Esports definitely seems intent on investing in talent and potential. As Bouley told Esports Insider, “The specific need for these core concepts within the esports ecosphere has been demonstrated by our rapid and sustainable growth.” If the payoff of investing in talent and potential continues its “rapid and sustainable growth,” Aquatic Esports is setting itself— and the players it helps along the way—up for success.  

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