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Paris Legion Pulls Down Florida Mutineers in Group B Right Before Major

The Call of Duty League’s second stage is live and the group stage is near its end. The standings are so important for the major as teams will grab high points and prizes. The Paris Legion did a magnificent job today defeating the Florida Mutineers. The Paris Legion was sitting at the last spot of Group B and managed to pull the Mutineers down beside it with a decisive 3-1 win.

Courtesy of the Florida Mutineers


The Florida Mutineers were the ones with a determined performance in the beginning. Paris quickly matched its opponent on the scoreboard and showed how tough it will be for the Florida representative. Skyz popped off with 33 kills when the Mutineers reached 237 points, but after that point, the Legion sat behind the wheel. Aqua led his team to victory and Paris closed down the first map by a score of 250-237. Aqua secured 31 kills and scored 3,530 points, playing a role between a lurker and an entry fragger; however, Fire did a great job securing the Hardpoint area.

Search and Destroy

It was obvious that both teams came prepared for the SnD game. It was a close head-to-head match in the beginning, but the Mutineers kept that one-round gap. It was like a cat-and-mouse chase, but in the end, the Mutineer mouse won. Neptune stepped up for his team after a close loss in the first map and carried his teammates to victory with his 11-kill performance. Paris tried to stick to the game plan and play as a team, but sometimes one player may have to take a step forward and we didn’t really see that on the Legion side. That may have been the biggest problem for the side of the Paris Legion.


The first round was really well played by Florida Mutineers’ players. For a second, fans probably thought the comeback was there at the door, but unfortunately it wasn’t the scenario here. The Paris Legion players didn’t waste any time and started to play dominant from the beginning of the second round until the end. The team won three consecutive rounds to close down the Control map. Classic grabbed 28 kills, but the real hero was Fire for sure. Fire added 4,225 points on top of his 26-kill performance and made the difference for his team.


Despite Florida’s first Hardpoint start, Paris players were fully motivated and concentrated in the second Hardpoint. The French team didn’t give too many chances to its opponent and secured a much easier Hardpoint win. Classic shined like a pearl in the ocean as he killed its opponents 36 times. Fire followed his teammate on the leaderboard with 28 kills, while the best K/D of the Mutineers squad was 22/27. It showed how the Mutineers struggled mentally after getting 2-1 behind.

Paris Legion had no claim to pick up a better spot before the major, but this game meant a lot for the Florida Mutineers. If OpTic Gaming can pull out a win against Dallas Empire Sunday, then the Mutineers will lose its third spot in the group. 

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