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Paradox Launched a Subscription for Crusader Kings II Expansions

Crusader Kings 1
Photo courtesy of Paradox Interactive

DLCs and expansion packs have been parts of the gaming world for a long time. Even though I don’t know who allowed this kind of system in the past, we are obligated to purchase them for the full experience. Paradox Interactive, known through its strategy games such as Stellaris and Europa Universalis IV, brought a new offer to the table for Crusader Kings II. The company has released the brand new “Expansion Subscription” for the grand strategy game.

When people intend to play a strategy game on PC, Paradox welcomes them at the door. The developer has provided so many great strategy games and continues to do so, but there is a big problem in most of its titles. There are so many DLCs and expansions, and you have to purchase every single one of them if you want to enjoy all the content. As you imagine, it’s too expensive to acquire all of them. However, Paradox hopes to solve this issue with the Expansion Subscription.

Crusader Kings1 1
Photo courtesy of Steam

The Expansion Subscription for Crusader Kings II features 13 major expansions, 12 unit packs, 14 music packs, 10 portrait packs, a game converter, a ruler designer and many more improvements. Players can have this $300 worth of DLCs by purchasing the subscription for $4.99/monthly. 

“With so much additional content available, the cost for new Crusader Kings II players can seem prohibitive or intimidating,” the developer said on the Steam page. “This is an affordable way for players to experience the entire Crusader Kings II catalog without having to weigh which items they would prefer to purchase. This does not mean it is the only way to get DLC moving forward. The Subscription service is entirely optional and purchasing a single or multiple DLC packs without Subscription is still an option.”

Crusader Kings2 1
Photo courtesy of Steam

The base game of Crusader Kings II is currently free-to-play and the new service is a great offer for players who would like to dive into the game. As Paradox mentioned, subscription plans are an option they are exploring for other titles.

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