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OWL Week 8: Atlanta Reign Secures Final Spot in June Joust

The Atlanta Reign has been on a roll after ending the Houston Outlaws’ winning streak during Week 6. With June Joust on the horizon, Week 8 ended with knockout rounds to see which teams qualified for the upcoming event. The Atlanta Reign did more than win the knockout rounds. In fact, they knocked it out of the park.

Atlanta REign
Courtesy of the Atlanta Reign

Its first matchup was against the Boston Uprising, which barely managed to sneak its way into the knockout round. It all began on Lijiang Tower, where the Reign captured points with ease. Very little retaliation came from the Uprising which led to the Reign winning the first round. The next round on Temple of Anubis featured more action from the Uprising, but Kai’s McCree expertly held it down for the Reign.

With the Uprising down 2-0, it had to come into the next round with a plan of action. To be fair, the Uprising put up a pretty good fight on Numbani. The scores for the round were three for the Uprising and five for the Reign. The Uprising stayed on the payload for a very lengthy overtime; however, its position couldn’t be sustained with incredible moves from the Reign, especially from Hawk’s D.Va. 

The Reign managed to secure a well-deserved 3-0 win against the Uprising, but the team wasn’t out of the woods just yet as it had to jump right into a knockout round against the San Francisco Shock. 

This matchup played out almost identical to the Reign’s previous one against the Uprising. Starting off on Nepal, the Reign closed out the first round with two easy grabs of the point. It seemed as though something was off about the Shock during the first round, but this became more apparent by the second round. Although the Shock was now down 1-0, the next map, Hanamura, was its forte, which makes it all the more impressive that the Reign was able to shut down the Shock on their best map. Thanks to Kai’s use of Ashe’s ultimate ability, the Shock lost on Hanamura for the first time in who knows how long (237 days).

The Reign was now one more map away from becoming June Joust Qualifiers and the Shock didn’t make it easy for them. On Hollywood, the two teams were both on their way to being victorious. That is until the Reign was on the attacking side and shattered the Shock’s defenses thanks to PELICAN’s DPS. His performance was so immaculate that he is already on his way to being considered the June Joust MVP. He’s just that good.

The Atlanta Reign qualified for June Joust with two sweeps on the same day. They will be heading to Hawaii as the representatives of the West along with the Dallas Fuel. For a full recap of Owl Week 8 click here, otherwise we’ll see you next week for June Joust.

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