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OWL Week 6: Atlanta Reign Gives Houston Outlaws First Regular Season Loss

The Atlanta Reign has been struggling through OWL 2021 with more losses than wins. Before its match against the Houston Outlaws, fans were predicting that the undefeated Outlaws would sweep the Reign without breaking a sweat. However, the Reign came out of Week 6 as the underdog that was able to slay the giant. Here’s a recap of what was the biggest upset of the OWL season so far.

OWL Week 6 1
Courtesy of Overwatch League

The clash on the first map, Ilios, played out in favor of the Outlaws. Happy’s Ashe and Danteh’s Echo dealt a great deal of damage to the Reign while Crimzo expertly utilized Ana’s sleep darts to shut down a number of ultimate abilities. The Reign hardly managed to get a tick on the point toward the end, and the first round went to the Outlaws in no time.

The Outlaws were feeling pretty confident heading into the next round in Hollywood. Danteh continued to administer lethal shots as Echo and garnered a number of multi-kills. As the time left to get the point dwindled, the Reign progressed past the first point thanks to Kai’s Ashe, which served as a perfect rival to Happy’s Ashe. When it was the Outlaws’ turn to escort the payload, the Reign continued to pose a problem with what turned out to be the better team composition of the round. The Reign put a stop to the Outlaws and evened the score 1-1.

The next round on Junkertown started with Masaa’s Lucio booping members of the Outlaws from their spawn positions into the Reign’s line of fire. Crimzo and Danteh were able to make the Reign back off in order to escort the payload to the first point. Although the Outlaws put up a good fight, their payload was a hair short of reaching the final point due to the Reign’s defense. Once it was the Reign’s turn to be on the offensive, it was able to escort the payload fully in a flash thanks to Pelican’s masterful performance as Hanzo. Kai’s Widow also proved to be a challenge for Danteh’s Echo, which was unstoppable in earlier rounds.

The Outlaws all started to sit upright going into the next map, Hanamura. They had to get serious or else they’d risk losing it all to the Reign. And to the detriment of the Outlaws, the Reign brought the thunder. Pelican’s Echo and Kai’s Ashe made it a walk in the park for the Reign to get the first point as Danteh and Piggy were taken out fairly early in the round. The Outlaws stationed themselves well at the second point but met the might of Pelican’s Soldier 76 (formerly Echo), which wiped out most of the team thanks to Gator’s damage boost as Orisa. 

The Outlaws changed most of their team composition as this was their last chance. Dreamer switched to Winston and Happy switched to Reaper in order to get past the choke point with diving and teleporting. The Outlaws were able to get two ticks on the point thanks to their new approach, but then Pelican’s Echo cleaned them off as the timer ran out giving the Atlanta Reign a much-deserved win by a final score of 3-1.

The match was nothing short of intense and was a definite confidence-booster for the Atlanta Reign, which then went on to sweep the London Spitfire on Day 3. The Houston Outlaws took their first seasonal loss well and got the dub against the Florida Mayhem the next day. Although there were many great games for Week 6, the Atlanta Reign was definitely the star of the weekend. The team went from being fairly low in the standings to now being close to the top of the West Standings in the June Joust, which will continue next week. We will see you then.

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