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Overwatch League Week 3: San Francisco Shock Eliminated by Dallas Fuel

Since the end of Week 1, the San Francisco Shock have had their sights set on the Houston Outlaws. Coming into Week 3, a number of teams were standing in the Shock’s way toward a rematch against one of the hottest teams in Overwatch League and the ones that ended their winning streak from last season. The first team that the Shock had to overcome was the Florida Mayhem.

San Francisco Shock
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Day 1

The San Francisco Shock swiftly took control of the points in both of the Busan rounds without giving the Florida Mayhem any chance to touch. The first two rounds of the match whizzed by putting the Shock in the lead with 1-0. The Shock made another speedrun to capture both of the points on Hanamura with little retaliation from the Mayhem. Super made great use of his Winston’s Primal Rage to smack the Mayhem off the second point in glorious fashion. Once it was the Mayhem’s turn, the Shock managed to stop them in their tracks, putting them up 2-0. 

As the Shock successfully escorted the payload across the Eichenwalde map, the Mayhem were at death’s door. They needed to take the game into overtime by breaking through the Shock’s defense, which was a nearly impossible task to complete in the previous maps. The Mayhem defied expectations and made it a close game with the payload inches away from the final stop. However, the Shock effectively fused together their ults and wiped out the Mayhem with a final score of 3-0.

Although the Florida Mayhem had an underwhelming start to Week 3, they managed to make a good comeback with wins against the Paris Eternal and the Toronto Defiant. The San Francisco Shock used their sweep against the Mayhem as a springboard for their next game against the Atlanta Reign.

Day 2

The Shock and Reign had one of the most gripping face-offs for Week 3. Both battled it out on Oasis with the points in both rounds remaining contested for a lengthy amount of time. Valiant efforts from Kai as McCree and Masaa as Lucio are what led to the Reigns victory on the first map, puting their team in the lead 1-0 against the Shock.

The Reign quickly took the first point on Volskaya due to some miscommunication between the Shock members but ran into trouble securing the second point. Striker strategically used his Pulse Bomb as Tracer that served as an effective defensive maneuver against the Reign. The Shock took it into overtime and a tick on the point evened the score 1-1.

The Shock made an effortless push against the Reign on King’s Row with the help of Super’s Reinhardt and FD God’s Lucio. The Reign ended up returning the favor with enough successful pushes to take the lead again, 2-1 against the Shock. The Reign’s Kai continues to showcase his impressive sniping abilities with McCree, Ashe and Hanzo. 

The Shock dominated the Havana map with several team kills against the Reign with ults from Striker’s McCree and Super’s Reinhardt. The Reign didn’t stand a chance against the Shock on this map and the score once again evened out to 2-2. On the Nepal map, it looked as though the Reign were about to capture the first point with ease. That was until the Shock annihilated one Reign player after another and came out the winners with a final score of 3-2.

After a nail-biting event, the Shock had their eyes on the Houston Outlaws. But before they could get to the Outlaws, they had to get through the Dallas Fuel at the Regional Knockout Finals.

Day 3

The Shock came out guns blazing in the Busan map and made great progress on capturing the first point. But then the Dallas Fuel turned the tables and took the point away from the Shock, again placing the Fuel ahead with a score of 1-0. Fearless gave a clutch Earth Shatter as Reinhardt, which was the beginning of the end for the Shock on Busan.

It was time for the Shock to make a comeback with a performance similar to their previous game against the Atlanta Reign. The second map was Volskaya after all, where they secured an easy win just the day before. Alas, the Shock couldn’t deliver on the second map, and the Fuel moved ahead 2-0. The game appeared to no longer be in the favor of the Shock, who came into this weekend with something to prove. The Fuel squandered the Shock’s last chance with a swift win on the Eichenwalde map and a stand-out performance from Fearless as Reinhardt.

The San Francisco Shock were intent on facing off against the Houston Outlaws, but in the end the Dallas Fuel were the better team. Check out the full list of matches from Week 3 here.

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