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OWL Week 13: Dallas Fuel Eliminates Washington Justice to Qualify for Summer Showdown

The matchup between the Dallas Fuel and the Washington Justice put fans on the edge of their seats. It was full of surprises, shutdowns and all kinds of Overwatch goodness. The match was obviously nerve-wracking for the players, because only one of the teams would be going to Hawaii for Summer Showdown. Here’s how it all went down.

Dallas Fuel OWL 1
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

The first matchup on Lijiang Tower was a tense battle between the Justice and the Fuel. Both teams made big moves against each other, but the Fuel managed to take the first point by picking off the Justice one by one. Despite this lead, the Fuel lost the first round thanks in large part to the Justice’s Mag outclassing Fearless with his Reinhardt. The Justice were also smart enough to fall back as a team when the times got tough while the Fuel were always eager to rush in.

The Fuel altered their team composition during the second match up on Volskaya Industries. This proved to be for the better as SP9RKLE’s Tracer landed some critical Pulse Bombs and outclassed Decay’s Tracer on the Justice. The Fuel’s Doha also proved to be more effective as Echo than the Justice’s Assassin with a good number of kills in the final moments before the Fuel’s victory on Volskaya, evening the match up to 1-1.

The two teams continued to mirror each other’s team composition going forward into King’s Row. This time Fearless outclassed Mag as Reinhardt as the Fuel breezed through the Justice’s defenses for a complete escort of the payload. SP9RKLE’s Symmetra provided a great deal of damage against the Justice the entire round while, toward the end, Doha’s Mei walled off the Justice from getting the cart far enough. The Dallas Fuel were up 2-1 and were one game away from going to Hawaii for Summer Showdown.

On Route 66, the two teams went with different team compositions as opposed to mirroring each other. In the beginning, it seemed as if the Fuel had had a better handle of their team comp as they led the payload through the Justice’s first line of defense in very little time. But then the Justice stopped the Fuel in their tracks inches from the second point. Assassin controlled the field as Sombra while Mag put on a show as Wrecking Ball. The Washington Justice executed to perfection with their offense and forced a Game 5 against the Dallas Fuel.

The winners on Nepal would be the ones to get to go to Hawaii. The teams mirrored each other’s team comps once more with the Fuel taking control of the map. In the first round of the final map, the Justice had several of their ultimate abilities shut down and couldn’t stand in the way of the Fuel. The second round was a more competitive fight than the first round, but the Justice got picked off and couldn’t touch the point for overtime.
Each team gave it their all, but it was the Dallas Fuel that prevailed and qualified for Summer Showdown in Hawaii. For a full rundown of OWL Week 13 click here.

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