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OWL Week 11: Toronto Defiant Claims King of Canada

The Toronto Defiant put on a show for Day 2 and Day 3 of Overwatch League Week 11. The Defiant have had its ups and downs this season but really managed to shine in its summer showdown against the Florida Mayhem and against the Vancouver Titans in the Battle of Canada.

OWL Toronto Defiant 1
Courtesy of Toronto Defiant, Twitter

Day 2

Coming into the weekend, the Toronto Defiant and the Florida Mayhem both had the same seasonal record with four wins and four losses, making this a good matchup for Day 2. Both teams knew that after this day, one would break out of the top four in placement.

The clash began on Ilios, where the Mayhem got ahead with an easy capture of the point. Luckily for the Defiant, the Mayhem continually overextended its support characters and lost the next two points, giving the Defiant the win for the first map. On the next map, Hollywood, Aspire’s Tracer crumbled the Mayhem’s defense in order to help the team get its hands on the payload. But just before the Defiant was about to secure the payload at the second point, the Mayhem smacked Toronto away thanks to Oge’s Primal Rage as Winston and some added help from Yaki’s Tracer and BQB’s Sombra. When Florida switched to the offensive, the Mayhem stormed through the Defiant’s defenses and evened the score 1-1.

The Mayhem proceeded to lay down the law on Watchpoint: Gibraltar with Yaki continuing to impress as Tracer. The Defiant stood little chance with this map both on the offensive and the defensive, which resulted in its second loss in a row. The Defiant now had to take this into overtime or risk losing the whole thing, which is exactly what it managed to do on Hanamura. 

Although there was a rocky start for the Defiant on the new map, it mirrored the Mayhem’s team composition and bested them for a close victory. Both teams changed team composition drastically going into the final round at Lijiang Tower. Sado’s Reinhardt called the shots for the Defiant as they pulverized the Mayhem’s chances of securing the point. Florida put up a good fight, but Toronto got the job done and came out of this matchup the victor.

Day 3

The third day brought the Toronto Defiant together with its Canadian counterparts: the Vancouver Titans. Although the Titans have become the punching bag for North America this season, they still have a competitive edge.

The Titans showed their competitive side on the first map, Oasis. Although they managed to get the first point on the map, their team composition started to falter by the forces of the Defiant. Despite multiple overtimes, the Defiant came out on top for the first map. On Eichenwalde, the Defiant changed its support characters to the infamous Lucio and Moira combination with Ansoonjae and Lastro, respectively. And that combination was enough for the Defiant to pierce through the Titans for a sweeping win on the map. The combined efforts of the Titans’ ultimate abilities wasn’t enough to fend off the Defiant for a second.

The Defiant maintained this stamina going into Route 66 and got the payload inches away from the final point before the Titans’ defenses showed up to put a stop to things. But when it was their turn to escort the payload, they ended up getting stopped in their tracks. Although they managed to cover a lot of ground in their first push, their team couldn’t quite make it through the Defiant’s DPS. Heesu’s Sombra managed to get two EMPs during a single team fight and Aspire’s Tracer got kill after kill.

In the end, the Toronto Defiant was declared the Kings of Canada with its sweep against the Vancouver Titans and proved itself to be a step ahead of the Florida Mayhem. We’ll see how the rest of the summer treats the Toronto team, but as of right now, it looks like it got a pretty good start. For a look at all of the matchups for OWL Week 11, click here, and to read more of Syft’s OWL content, click here.

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