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Overwatch’s PachiMarchi Challenge is Live Until March 22

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Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Pachimari appears in various forms of media within the Overwatch universe. Players can wander around certain maps and come across plush toys, signs, and posters featuring the smiling onion-octopus hybrid. The Hanamura map includes a Pachimari-brand claw machine at the spawn location. One Pachimari can also be found inside of the “MV-261 Orca” flight vehicle which serves as the spawn location for Control maps.

Now a month-long celebration has commenced in honor of the Pachimari mascot. The Overwatch Twitter page has officially dubbed this celebration PachiMarchi, and will include a micro event called the PachiMarchi Challenge.

Players will get the opportunity to unlock Pachimari- themed cosmetics by achieving a number of wins in Quick Play, Arcade, and Competitive mode. Getting three wins will unlock a Pachimari Hat player icon and getting six wins will unlock an exclusive Junkrat emote in which he raises up a Pachimari nestled in his hand. Get nine wins and you will be rewarded with Roadhog’s Pachimari skin. Roadhog’s fondness of the onion-octopus is a part of his personal lore with the special episode A Moment in Crime showing Roadhog stealing an obscene amount of Pachimari plushes. This image is also referenced in an unlockable spray called “Roadhog’s Grand Theft.”

Speaking of sprays, there are six Pachimari-ized character sprays you can unlock just by logging in while the event is still active. These sprays include Junkimari, Tranquilmari, Pachirilla, Pachimada, Hackimari, and Doomari.

The Pachimari event was accompanied by the release of a new patch which addresses certain bug problems and gives Xbox players the ability to play Overwatch in up to 120hz. There hasn’t been a mention as to whether Playstation players will have access to this same kind of upgrade.

The PachiMarchi Event runs from March 9 to March 22, so if you’re a Roadhog main, make sure you get the precious Pachimari skin while you still can.

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