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Overwatch League Shock vs the World BlizzCon Event Breakdown

The second day of BlizzConline featured an Overwatch League event that tested the unstoppable force that is the San Francisco Shock. The two-time, defending Overwatch League Champions went head-to-head against an all star team of famed Overwatch personalities in a series of five game modes with the final being a traditional 6v6 match on Lijiang Tower.

Image Courtesy of Overwatch League, Twitter

The first game mode to start the event off was “12 Hooks 1 Hole.” Two teams of 6 all had to play as Roadhog with the objective of hooking enemies into the gaping hole in the center of the Ilios map. Within the huge cluster of people going “whole hog,” the Shock was able to come out on top with two blowout win rounds.

The next game mode took place outside of the game, with a real life pictionary challenge titled “Tactical Drawing.” Players on each team were tasked with drawing Overwatch characters, OWL teams, and OWL super stars in the hopes that another person on their team would guess the right answer. The World managed to scrape by a 5-4 win against the Shock, which isn’t exactly a testament to their drawing skills.

The next game mode was “Battle of the Boops,” a 1v1 Capture the Flag match between the Shock’s Crusty vs the World’s Lucio Dad. Each player demonstrated their immaculate Lucio playing style and were interlocked in a very tense boop battle. In the end, Crusty was able to retrieve Lucio Dad’s flag in the match’s final moments and secure the win, bringing the event score 2-1, Shock.

Once again, the players moved outside the game for another in real life event called the “Chuckle Challenge.” Star Shock player, Super, and vice president of Blizzard Entertainment, Jeff Kaplan, exchanged dad jokes in order to make the other person laugh. Jeff Kaplan was able to keep a straight face just a hair better than Super in order to give the World team another win over the San Francisco Shock, 2-2.

To finish off the Overwatch League BlizzConline event, the Shock and the World faced off in a 6v6 match on Lijiang Tower. For the first round, the World secured the point without giving the Shock much time to take it for themselves. It looked as if round two was going to be a repeat, until the Shock switched up their entire team comp. This allowed the Shock to make a significant dent in overtime, but a collection of ultimate abilities from the World cleaned their enemies off the point resulting in a second round win. 

The World were claimed victory over the San Francisco Shock, winning three out of five game modes, but The Shock managed to put up a good fight and put on a good show. Before the event came to a close, the next season of Overwatch League was teased for April 16 2021. Soon enough we’ll be able to see our favorite teams compete once more and find out if the San Francisco Shock can once again win it all.

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