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olofmeister Plays his Last Game with FaZe Clan, takes break

EDIT: This article originally reported that olofmeister had retired from CS:GO. That was incorrect. He played his last game with FaZe Clan and is now taking a break from CS:GO to think over his future.

Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson announced he had played his last game with FaZe Clan, and is now taking a break from CS:GO during an interview in BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021 and on his official Twitter account.

olof retires 1
Image courtesy of FaZe

olof said it was, “not the ending i wanted,” but was glad that the team qualified for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. After weeks of speculation and rumours, he finally said it is, “time to take a step back and I’ll update you guys about my future.” He commended FaZe Clan’s growing CS:GO potential, wishing his former team the best.

It had long been speculated that olofmeister was set to retire very soon with “coldzera” dropping hints for the same. Still, he is not out for good yet. His recent performances have been a hallmark of his skill and talent and assure that he can continue playing the game at the top level if he chooses to do so.

After FaZe lost 2-1 in overtime to NaVi in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups Group 3 Upper Bracket finals, they faced Liquid in the Lower Bracket finals to qualify once again for their group’s Grand Final. After a hard-fought match on Nuke ending 22-20 in favor of FaZe, the team swept Liquid in Game 2 on Inferno to face NaVi once again in the Grand Final.

FaZe lost to NaVi 2-0, finishing sixth in Group 3 with an assured seeding in the Spring Finals and a prize of $12,500. This was the last match for olofmeister with FaZe Clan.

olof has etched his name in stone since he joined Fnatic in mid-2014. During his time in Fnatic, he won two Majors, the ESL One: Katowice 2015 and ESL One: Cologne 2015. After suffering an injury and being temporarily benched in early 2016, he came back later the same year to win the Intel Extreme Masters X World Championship.

After Fnatic, FaZe Clan acquired olofmeister in August of 2017. Due to personal reasons, he went on a few breaks in his tenure with them, but that didn’t mar his spectacular performance and skill. His time in FaZe Clan saw him win S-tier tournaments including ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 and EPICENTER 2018. And now, olof has left FaZe in another state of resurgence.

As for his future, olof has said that he will need time to think things through to decide what he will do. In the meantime, he said he still enjoys the game, so fans can probably see him go back to streaming.

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