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OG.ana Hits Radiant Rank In Valorant

OG.ana Hits Radiant Rank In Valorant 2

OG.ana; the player who frequently takes year long breaks from Dota 2, the player who (regardless of his vacations) manages to win the most prestigious esports tournament – The International – twice in a row, the player who is basically the Smaug of esports – sitting on $6 million – has achieved the Radiant rank in Valorant.

Anathan “ana” Pham announced on his Twitter that he’s “officially one of the worst radiants!” with a #397 Radiant placement in Valorant leaderboards. For the uninitiated, Radiant in Valorant is equivalent to the Immortal rank in Dota 2. This means, he is now in the top 0.5% of players in both the games.

The two time Ti-winner won theScore esports’ Hard Carry of the Year Award in 2020, beating out esports legends s1mple, ZywOo, TheShy, and Tian. He has refused to play Dota consistently, spending time between his tournament winning sprees playing casual games with friends, only to come back and win as if he’d been practicing relentlessly. As is tradition, after winning Ti9, ana took a break from Dota until next season.

With the pandemic delaying The International 10 to August 2021, it is expected that ana will be back with the OG roster when its time to compete for the biggest esports tournament of the year. His fame has been continually peaking with his unconventional picks and playstyles complimenting his teammate, Topson’s playstyle.

As to what this mad-and-frequently-absent-man’s plans are for Valorant is anybody’s guess at this point. At least more entertainment is on the way.

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