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OB.Neon Ends Singapore Major Dream Run, Almost Defeats EU Top Dog Team Secret

The all-Filipino SEA squad of OB.Neon made Team Secret sweat bullets in their Day 8 lower bracket match. Neon stretched the series to a full three games, but eventually, Team Secret’s experience reigned over Neon to secure it a hard-fought 2-1 victory.

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Courtesy of ONE Esports

Just yesterday, in a surprise turn of events, Team Secret lost to PSG.LGD in a rather handy fashion. Even Team Secret’s own Twitter flamed the team for coming to the major with a 100% win rate and securing an upper bracket spot, only to lose to PSG.LGD, which had secured an upper bracket spot with some struggle coming from the group stages.

You can watch the official upper bracket VOD for Secret vs. PSG.LGD, or NoobFromUA’s highlight reel for the match.

The Secret vs. Neon series went for a full three games. It was messy and chaotic; exactly what makes Dota fun to watch.

Game 1

Neon didn’t have any burst damage to deal with MATUMBAMAN’s Bristleback. Multiple fights went in Secret’s favor, because Neon couldn’t take down the BB without losing too much in return.

Even after losing multiple fights, Neon still managed to stretch the game evenly till the 25-minute mark, evening its odds time and time again, even later in the game, but Matu’s tanky BB was too much for Neon to deal with.

Secret won the game in 43 minutes.

Game 2

Secret kept Neon in check for a good 15 minutes, keeping a comfortable 2k gold lead. In a hilarious turn of events, Neon left a Bottle to be refilled at their Mid Tier 1 tower, which Puppey spotted and yoinked right away.

Neon managed to turn things in its favor. Deth’s tanky Leshrac build with Guardian Greaves and Ghost Scepter alongside Jaunuel’s Oracle helping out was proving problematic for Team Secret to deal with.

After Neon’s Batrider and Gyrocopter got their BKBs, the ball was comfortably in their court. After a series of great pickoffs by Yopaj on the Batrider, Neon closed the game in a comfortable 26 minutes with a 14k gold lead. Toward the end, it felt like an Alchemist game with how quickly Neon was beating down on Secret.

Game 3

If the first two games of the series were messy, Game 3 was chaos incarnate. Debil_2000 did a better-than-phenomenal job on Nature’s Prophet, breathing down Secret’s neck throughout the game, keeping it on its toes. The teams had almost equal net worth and experience till the 35-minute mark when Secret won a decisive fight to secure itself a lead.

Even after Secret took the lead in the mid-late game, Debil’s NP led the net worth charts right till the end. Both teams spent a nail-biting hour playing it safe, saving buybacks and only taking fights they were sure to win. Zai purchased an Aghanim’s Scepter on Lycan, foregoing his buyback. Courtesy of Lycan’s Aghs Wolf Bite, MATUMBAMAN’s Troll Warlord was able to close the game, winning Secret the series 2-1.

It’s highly recommended that you watch Game 3 in its entirety, or, at the very least, its highlights. It was one of the most entertaining games of Dota 2 in over a year.

With this series, OB.Neon finished fifth in the Singapore Major, netting itselff 300 DPC points and $25,000.

The lower bracket finals and the Singapore Major Grand Final are up next. Don’t miss out

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