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NYSL Loaned HyDra to TrainHard Esport

COVID-19 didn’t only affect tournaments but also players in general. International players had troubles traveling to play overseas. HyDra is one of these players who was unable to travel due to visa issues. 

NYSL Hydra 1
Photo courtesy of the New York Subliners

The New York Subliners had to sign different players because of this matter and it looks like the team didn’t want HyDra to get rusty during this time. The French player has joined European team TrainHard Esport and will compete in Europe Challengers.

HyDra was a hot prospect in Europe and received interest from the Call of Duty League team New York Subliners in 2020. Before that, he competed for European teams as he was in France. He played for six different teams before joining the Subliners. Unfortunately, he was only able to compete in the New York Subliners $100K WarzoneMania event under the Subliners jersey.

The Subliners were going to build its roster around Clayster while keeping ZooMaa but things got worse and they couldn’t achieve their roster goals. With HyDra’s visa issues and ZooMaa’s retirement decision, the team had to sign Asim and promote Diamondcon to the main roster. To top it off, the New York Subliners had an awful start to the league and got swept against the Los Angeles Thieves.

HyDra joined his ex-team and will compete in Europe Challengers Cups. His teammates will be Wailers, Henry and Keza. TrainHard Esport, which is based in France, has two French and two British players in its roster.

It is actually pretty sad to see that HyDra won’t be able to play against the best players in the world. A lot of fans wanted to see his potential, but unfortunately, we won’t be seeing that, at least for a season.

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