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NRG Infinite Might Lose His Spot Due to Toxic Actions on Twitch

Toxicity is one of the biggest problems in esports in which everybody should fight against. Prominent faces of the scene are usually obligated to face this type of action from unknown users, but this time, it’s a professional player who was toxic to others. NRG’s Valorant player Gage “Infinite” Green visited the stream of Escape From Tarkov player “OskeeGee,” who killed him in the game and made attacking comments toward him.

NRG Infinite 1
Photo courtesy of NRG

On Feb. 17, the day that OskeeGee reported these toxic messages to the public, Infinite sent out a tweet from his Twitter account. “Most likely not going to be playing in the next VCT with the team because I have to get surgery on my arm and back 2 days before the qualifier,” he said. “It’s nothing too serious just having some Lipomas removed and I’ll be good to go.”

This tweet got everyone thinking that the decision was about the comments he made on Twitch, not the surgery. A lot of people mentioned his toxicity under the tweet, but Infinite blocked them or hid their tweets.

Following the event, one of the prominent reporters Arron “Halo” Spake dropped the bomb: “According to sources, changes are being considered by NRG,” he said. “Gage ‘Infinite’ Green is supposedly to be replaced by Braxton ‘Brax’ Pierce, and NRG has also had interest in Kevin ‘AZK’ Larviêre.” Halo posted another tweet that said Brax and AZK are not under consideration, but roster change was still considered by NRG. NRG has since added Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor to the roster from Andbox.

NRG side maintained its silence about the incident and hasn’t posted anything or given a quote to the public. 

Infinite joined NRG as the replacement of Yannick “KOLER” Blanchette in December. The 22-year-old player won a title in Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly December with his team, but it hasn’t qualified for VCT’s Masters 1 yet.

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