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NRG Added ANDROID From Andbox to Valorant Roster

A surprising roster change occurred in North America’s Valorant scene last night. The former Andbox member Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor joined NRG Esports. Both the organization and the player announced the alteration on their Twitter accounts.

NRG Android 1
Photo courtesy of NRG

ANDROID joined Andbox’s roster last September, and even though they haven’t qualified for VCT Masters 1 yet, Bradley and his friends have been putting on promising performances. Since the roster was going this well, nobody saw that the change was coming.

On the other hand, it is a huge pick up for NRG. ANDROID is seen as one of the best veteran players in North America’s Valorant scene, and there is no doubt that he will bring a ton of experience and game logic to NRG’s roster.

After the move, NRG features six players in its roster. Any further details about the player who is going to be benched haven’t been shared, but Gage “Infinite” Green comes to mind in the light of what happened recently. Last week, Infinite’s toxic comments on another Twitch channel were revealed, and rumors of Infinite getting benched from the team spread.

NRG’s Valorant team establishment was pretty late compared to other organizations in North America. The division was created in November, however, it wasn’t able to find any decent success. Failing in the two qualifiers of VCT, the team is preparing to participate in the third qualifier.

NRG roster is:

  • Damian “daps” Steele
  • Sam “s0m” Oh
  • Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic
  • Ryan “Shanks” Ngo
  • Gage “Infinite” Green
  • Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor
  • Chet “Chet” Singh (Coach)
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