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Nothing Says Happy Anniversary Like Pokemon-themed…fishing lures?

Pokemon themed 1
Courtesy of The Pokemon Company

When The Pokemon Company says “Gotta catch’em all,” they really mean it. One of the most “Hey, I see what you did there” moments of all-time is the announcement of an upcoming Pokemon-themed fishing lure. Yes, you read that right: a fishing lure.

As of this moment, there are only two Pokemon getting the lure treatment: the Legendary Kyogre and the iconic Pikachu.

Check out some video footage of the lures in action.

Don’t hold your breath for a rare encounter with a thrashing Gyrados or an annoying (and annoying is quite befitting in my opinion) Tentacool. The lures aren’t magic and won’t pull any pocket monsters on your Old Rod (or Super Rod for the fishing connoisseurs out there), but they are a cool novelty product fans will surely be interested in purchasing. Whether they’re used for their purpose or just for a collection, is up to the fans. Either way, it’s a neat way to pay homage to a franchise that’s been nothing but good to us.

Games, cards, movies, TV shows, Pokemon just can’t stop pleasing fans. But what else would you expect from one of history’s titular franchises of all-time?

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