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New York Subliners Take Down Los Angeles Guerillas 3-1 For Second Straight Win

The New York Subliners lost their first game of the second stage against the Atlanta FaZe but came back stronger against the LA Thieves to improve their record to 1-1. Today, Clayster and his friends were so eager to start a winning streak and they did just that. 

NYSL over LAG S2 1
Courtesy of the New York Subliners

The New York Subliners took down the Los Angeles Guerillas and earned back-to-back wins in four days. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Guerillas lost its second game and anchored itself to the bottom of the standings with the Toronto Ultra.


The series started disastrously for the Los Angeles Guerillas. Asim had an outstanding performance in the first game. Even though Apathy made some moves to close the gap, the Subliners were so far ahead and the final score was 250-170. We all know how hyped Clayster can get after this kind of performance from his teammates; this map was one of them. Clayster boosted his teammate’s morale before the second map with his classic energetic attitude. 

Search and Destroy

Well, unlike my opinion on Clayster’s morale boost, the New York Subliners didn’t really have their best SnD performance. The Los Angeles Guerillas started the map with a win and kept pace for a while. The team stumbled in the middle stages, but it didn’t matter, because Vivid was there to win. The Guerillas tied the series 1-1 with a 6-4 win in Search and Destroy. Vivid and Apathy were the ones that the Subliners should have watched out. Vivid got 10 kills and scored 1,550 points while Apathy had only 6 kills but scored 915 points.


We saw a better-late-than-never scenario here. Remember what I just said about Clayster’s mental boost? This time we saw that in action. Both teams won two rounds in Control, and it was really close until the very end. Things got tense because whichever team secured the fifth round was going to get 2-1 ahead in the series. It was the Subliners, not surprisingly. The rookie, Diamondcon, stepped up for his team in the Control map and secured 27 kills, but Clayster was the one with the most points.


The last map set the stage for one of the closest matches I have ever seen. At first, we saw the Los Angeles Guerillas get ahead and actually defend the lead for a long time. The score was 241-199 in favor of the Guerillas when the Subliners pushed the pedal to the metal. After that point, Vivid and his friends couldn’t win a single point. In the end, the New York Subliners reached the 250-point mark and won the series, 3-1.

To be honest, most CDL fans expected more from the Guerillas. We saw Vivid popping off in the first stage, but he has been pretty silent during the first two games of the second stage. Today it was Asim, who shined on the side of New York Subliners. This victory means a winning streak for the team. Let’s see if they can keep up with this performance in the upcoming days.

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