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New York Subliners Take Down London Royal Ravens With A 3-0 Sweep

The New York Subliners grabbed their first win of the season by sweeping the London Royal Ravens. Clayster and his friends underperformed against LA Thieves in the opening weekend but managed to come back strong. On the other hand, the Royal Ravens’ poor performance dropped them to a 0-2 start.

subliners over ravens 1
Photo courtesy of the London Royal Ravens

Game 1 – Hardpoint

Subliners started the series with a solid Hardpoint win. The London Royal Ravens tried so hard to match their opponent but wasn’t successful in the end.  Clayster’s 32-kill performance was the key for Subliners’ win. The talented veteran stepped up for his team and had a huge role. Mack was the other key part as he gathered a 3,030 score including 29 kills. London Royal Ravens players underperformed except Seany. Seany had 30 kills but his teammates were unable to provide the necessary support.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

The London Royal Ravens had an awful second-map performance. The New York Subliners led the game from the first round till the end and grabbed an easy 6-1 win. Asim smurfed so hard with 13 kills and a 3,275 score. He dealt 295.71 damage per round which is insane considering his closest teammate dealt 159.57 damage per round. Seany had only one kill through the seven-round map.

Game 3 – Control

The New York Subliners decided not to waste any time and finished the game in under six minutes. The London Royal Ravens had a questionable performance throughout the series but this last match even worse. The Subliners literally deleted their opponent from the battlefield behind Clayster’s 20 kills. 

The London Royal Ravens had an absolutely horrible day. There is not much to talk about since the New York Subliners had a quick sweep over their opponent. The Ravens have a lot to talk about after this questionable performance and also have a lot to improve on. On the other hand, Clayster and his friends found the moral boost they were searching for.

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