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New York Subliners Sweep OpTic Chicago In 3 Unexpectedly Easy Games

It was supposed to be a duel between Clayster and Scump, but in the end, OpTic underperformed drastically. The New York Subliners closed out the series in three fast-paced games and advanced to the next round, which is a little upsetting to those that expected a lot more competition.

NYSL over OpTic ER5 1
Photo courtesy of Soumyajit Roy on Behance

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The first map started pretty close, but the Subliners managed to increase the gap second after second. The rookie, Diamondcon, once again proved his worth with a great start and grabbed 27 kills in total. Clayster and his teammates started the series with a solid win and got the momentum on their side. Dashy and Scump tried their best with 32 and 25 kills, respectively.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

This one was a breeze as the New York Subliners beat OpTic 6-1 without any troubles. Diamondcon had a great performance, but the real factor was not him; It was FORMAL. Formal had zero kills and zero points in seven rounds! The team literally played 4v3 and the legendary player had his worst performances of the season.

Game 3 – Control

The New York Subliners handled the control of the game pretty well and dominated OpTic 3-1. OpTic Chicago had nothing to do but watch its opponent have fun. Mack and Clayster had great performances. Mack reached 4,475 points and secured 24 kills, while Clayster had 4,355 points and 26 kills. Legendary player Scump tried his best but fell short closing out the game.

The New York Subliners will play against the Dallas Empire-Atlanta FaZe matchup’s loser in the upper bracket. Whoever wins will have its name written on the Grand Final.

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