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New York Subliners Reverse Sweep LA Thieves in First Win of Stage 2

The Los Angeles Thieves made a massive entry to the series by winning the first two maps; however, NYSL’s veteran and leader Clayster had different ideas. The New York Subliners managed to come back from a two-map deficit to take the series in dramatic fashion. 

NYSL over LAT Stage 2 1
Courtesy of the Los Angeles Thieves


Both teams tried to excel upon each other and the Los Angeles Thieves were one step ahead in Hardpoint. SlasheR stepped up for his team with Temp by securing kills and focusing on the objective. The New York Subliners tried desperately to retake the Hardpoint and actually achieved for quite some time, but it wasn’t enough. The Los Angeles Thieves won the opening map 250-216. The frags were shared almost evenly on the side of the Subliners, but the team failed to take control of the Hardpoint.

Search and Destroy

The second map started like a wind as Subliners grabbed a quick win in the first round. The Los Angeles Thieves managed to answer back with a win and the exact scenario happened in the third and fourth rounds. The Los Angeles Thieves sat behind the wheel and won two rounds in a row which increased the gap between two teams. However, the New York Subliners bounced back by tying the game at 4-4. This didn’t stop the Thieves from winning the game. Harpoint’s hero SlasheR shined once again with 12 kills and a 1,570 score. Diamondcon had a poor 150-point performance and couldn’t help his team enough.


Just like the other ones, it was a close map. The lead changed hands a couple times, but in the end, it was the New York Subliners who took the win and forced a game four. The veteran, Clayster, stepped up for his team with 33 kills and 6,300 points. He literally carried the youngsters to victory. NYSL closed out the game by a score of 3-2.


The second Hardpoint was really close. Even closer than the first one, but this time the winning side was the Subliners. The Los Angeles Thieves managed to reach 211 points, but NYSL was the one who reached 250. Once again, Clayster stepped up as the protagonist. As always, we could see his energy and hype through his camera. Diamondcon secured 30 kills and led his team in this game. The New York Subliners forced a game five after being 2-0 behind.

Search and Destroy

The New York Subliners took the momentum and it was clear that their heads were all in the game. At first, SnD was close, but after getting its fourth round win, the Los Angeles Thieves had nothing to do but watch its opponent’s textbook gameplay. Clayster’s leadership came in handy for the side of the Subliners, and the team completed the reverse sweep in style. 

The New York Subliners secured its first win in the second stage. The team will face the Los Angeles Guerillas next.

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