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New York Subliners Academy Becomes NA Challengers Cup 5 Champion

Call of Duty Challengers Cup 5 came to an end yesterday. New York Subliners Academy and uT Crew competed at the Grand Finals stage. After an exciting series, Subliners Academy closed out the series with a score of 3-1 and lifted the trophy.

NY Subliners Academy 1
Photo courtesy of Andbox

New York Subliners Academy: Prolute, Spart, Saints, GloFrosty

uT Crew: Phantomz, Wrecks, Jintroid, Yeez

New York Subliners Academy started the year announcing three players, Prolute, Diamondcon and Spart, but after some time, Diamondcon got promoted to the main roster. Prior to the Challengers Cup, Subliners decided to sign Saints and GloFrosty. Saints competed for Los Angeles Guerillas last season, and GloFrosty was a hot prospect for the Challengers teams.

uT Crew won the first Hardpoint game and made a great start to the series. The second game was Moscow SnD and Subliners Academy didn’t have any trouble closing out the game. Prolute and his friends won the third game and got closer to the match point. Subliners won the last hardpoint game 250-239 and won the tournament. 

LA Guerillas Academy was the biggest upset of the tournament. Chino, MentaL and his friends couldn’t make it to the last eight and got eliminated. On the other hand, the Subliners didn’t win a huge prize but showed their potential for the upcoming tournaments.

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