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New Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series Ordered by Netflix

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Sonic franchise and some big surprises came in just the first month. On January 28, Roger Craig Smith announced on Twitter that he will be stepping down as the voice for Sonic the Hedgehog after a decade of being the blue blur. 

Many people had the opportunity to voice Sonic beginning with Jaleel White’s classic portrayal of Sonic in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Ryan Drummond took over from 1999-2003 to provide voiceover for Sonic Adventure through Sonic Heroes. Jason Griffith came after to give a more mature version of Sonic in the 4Kids series Sonic X as well as voicing the hero in all of the games from 2003-2010. Since 2010, Roger Craig Smith has been the voice for Sonic and now he’s moving aside for the next incarnation.

Whoever it is that is next in line to voice Sonic has some really big red sneakers to fill. It is possible that Ben Schwartz, having played the theatrical version of Sonic in the 2020 blockbuster, will lend his voice to projects other than the planned sequel from Paramount Pictures. 

Days after Roger Craig Smith revealed that he has hung up the white gloves, another surprising announcement hit the Twittersphere: Netflix will be making a new Sonic animated series.

Sonic Prime will feature our blue hero on a quest to save a new multiverse and discover himself in the process. So far the animated series is expected to run 24 episodes and will be made for an audience of both kids and long-time Sonic fans. Man of Action Entertainment, the same company behind the acclaimed shows Ben 10 and Ultimate Spider-Man, will serve as executive producers and showrunners for Sonic Prime. WildBrain will be animating the show at their Vancouver studio.

Josh Scherba, the president of WildBrain, has stated that the franchise “is ideally suited to WildBrain’s capabilities and it’s already inspiring great things from our talented creative teams… We look forward to bringing fresh and exciting Sonic content to fans both new and old… Man of Action Entertainment are incredibly excited to help introduce the iconic Sonic to a whole new generation of fans via this epic, world-bending, high-adrenaline adventure that honors his legacy.”

Courtesy of Sega

Sonic fans around the world are rejoicing over the fact that a new series is in the works. But they will still be keeping a close eye on their SEGA newsfeed for more announcements considering that we’re not even two months into Sonic’s 30th anniversary. Sonic Prime is scheduled to debut on the Netflix streaming service in 2022.

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