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New Rumor Says Demon’s Souls Is Getting A Movie. How?

Demon's Souls
Courtesy of FromSoftware, Inc.

It’s rare to find a gamer who hasn’t at least heard of Demon’s Souls Many a gamer has had their soul crushed and been that much stronger off because of it. Demon’s Souls was a major hit, and its spiritual successors were later made to be cross-platform so From Software could make as many people tilted as possible. 

News of a potential cinematic universe for the series broke out on This website’s reported on some pretty hefty leaks in the past few years, and gotten some of them right, but keep your salt-shaker nearby: there are a few reasons to cast doubt. 

For one, how would the writers go about creating a story? The extent of the lore in the game isn’t the problem here as much as the would-be protagonist we would be following. Demon’s Souls’ protagonist is totally customized by the player. The class, the background, the head size, and everything else is completely up to the player to create before they set off. How could writers assign fixed motivations to our protagonist and antagonist if every character in the game is different? Moreover, where exactly would this series (or movie) be taking place? 

Secondly, the Demon’s Souls universe has some pretty hardcore monsters you come across on a constant basis that punish every single mistake you make. How is this feeling going to be translated over? How can they translate the feeling of constantly wrecking an enemy that the player hesitated to fight at first?

Third and most damning of all, who are the people behind I’m tired of all these unreliable sources claiming legitimacy. Was [BOREN THIS ISN’T A REAL SITE]

Still, Demon’s Souls’ fanbase is still in the high numbers twelve years after the game’s original release, as is every single From Software game made in the same vein. Considering its popularity, it doesn’t seem like a bad business move to bring that on-screen.


I am 100% for seeing Demon’s Souls hit the big screen (even if it means via online streaming). Recently, many video games have hit streaming sites (Witcher) and others have been featured in movies since the early 2000s (Resident Evil, Silent Hill). But can we really trust a site which [DOESN’T EVEN EXIST BOREN]

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