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New Resident Evil: Village Trailer and Information

I just want to say; a ton of the information I am about to give you I called all the way back a couple months ago in a different article. So, I am going to give myself a little pat on the back. I’m credible, y’all!

Resident Evil
Courtesy of Capcom

We know now that the reason Ethan is going to the village in which the new Resident Evil game is set is to look for his kidnapped daughter. We also know pretty much for sure that Chris Redfield was the one who kidnapped her. I told you he would be evil in this game!

Another thing I got right was the addition of a merchant, who we now know is named “The Duke.” He will appear numerous times throughout the game to give Ethan a chance to get some new and improved weapons to fight with. He also seems like he is going to have more of a personality than I first imagined. He is not just going to be a character you buy stuff off of: he will play a big role in Ethan’s journey.

We already knew that the snowy village and castle would be the main setting of the game. With this new information, we now know more about the castle. It seems to be very gothic and I would bet my bottom dollar that it has a torture chamber somewhere in it.

The main villians in this game seem to be numerous tall ladies who are heavily hinted to be witches or vampires. These girls are tall as hell. Along with their height, their pale skin makes them very scary to look at. The ladies also talk about their boss, who is named Mother Miranda. We do not have any other information on what she might be like, but I can bet she will not be fun to fight.

The last game in the series received very good reviews from the public, but a major complaint from fans was that the enemies were all the same. Village seemed to take the public’s criticism to heart and now we can see that there will be numerous different types of enemies that Ethan will have to fight throughout the game.

All the crumbs of information I have gotten so far have continued to make this game the one I am looking forward to the most all of 2021. Take a look at the trailer above if you have not already. It is worth the watch even if you have never played any of the previous games in the series. Stay tuned for more Resident Evil info from me, your resident Resident Evil expert.

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