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New PUBG games coming in 2021 and 2022

For fans of the PUBG series, I have some fantastic news for you. According to reports, there are going to be new PUBG games coming out not only in 2021 but 2022 as well. That is two games chock full of all that PUBG goodness we have come to love. The news was released as part of an interview with the CEO of the company, Kim Chang-Han.

New PUBG Games 1
Courtesy of DNA India

In the interview, the CEO talked about his goal of not being a one-hit wonder type of game creator. The game that is coming this year is set to be another Battle Royale in the same PUBG universe. There is less information on the game coming in 2022, but it is apparently going to have some of the same features and aspects of the original game.

Along with these two games, the company had announced previously that it is coming out with a game called The Callisto Protocol, which according to the organization is going to be a survival horror game. You can check out the trailer for this game here. This game is hopefully also going to come out in 2022, but as video game nerds know, delays happen more than one would think.

Some fans may have also played PUBG on their phones. There is apparently going to be a sequel to the phone version of the game coming out as well, which is rumored to simply be called PUBG Mobile 2.

Although these games will not be coming out for a while, it is never too early to start getting hype. So, what do you guys think? Are you excited for these upcoming games or do you think that the company is biting off a little more than it can chew? We will just have to keep waiting for more information to come out before we know for sure.

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