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New Pokemon Snap to Launch on April 30

New Pokemon Snap now has an official release date announced alongside a brand new trailer and details surrounding the upcoming title.

Pokemon Snap
All Images Courtesy of Nintendo

On June 17, 2020, New Pokemon Snap was officially announced for the first time at Pokemon Presents, coming more than twenty years after the release of the original Nintendo 64 title, Pokemon Snap. As the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebration kicks off, a new trailer and a set release date have been announced.

New Pokemon Snap, similar to its predecessor, will be a first-person simulator with rail-shooting mechanics. It will take place in an entirely new region known as Lental, where players will aid Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita with research by taking photos and completing the PhotoDex. Photographs will be assessed and scored based on the poses of the subjects, their captured size and proximity, their attention to the camera, and placement within the frame.

With a slew of different habitats to explore, from desserts, to beaches, players will also be investigating the cryptic Illumina phenomenon, an enigmatic occurrence of glowing Pokemon and greenery in the Lental region. As the player progresses on their adventure taking photographs and observing Pokemon in their most natural state, they will slowly uncover the truth behind the Illumina phenomenon.

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With a massively updated roster over the years, the game will feature over 200 kinds of Pokemon, up to the newest generation. Players will board the floating NEO:ONE vehicle pod on their ecological survey of Lental to search for the best photographs of Pokemon in their respective environments. It was also emphasized that revisiting habitats may allow players to experience different behaviors of recurring Pokemon. Players In this new installment may now choose to play as a male or female protagonist.

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Boasting tons of new content and updates following its twenty year old predecessor, New Pokemon Snap is a game for fans both new and old. The game is set to launch on April 30, 2021, with pre-orders currently underway.

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