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New No Man’s Sky Update Lets You Have Pet Companions

The notorious space exploration game No Man’s Sky is currently celebrating its fifth year anniversary, and Hello Games has decided to kick off the celebrations with a game-changing update. Since its release in 2016, No Man’s Sky has experienced a slow-burn success due to the performance issues during launch which had to be covered up by a good amount of massive updates. 

No Man's Sky
Courtesy of Hello Games

Over time, the game was able to meet the expectations players initially had prior to the release. In 2020, Hello Games claimed that No Man’s Sky became more popular than ever with the release of their Origins update, which doubled the amount of diversity and variation in the game’s terrain.

The latest update allows players to tame wild alien creatures and train them as pets. According to the patch notes, the implemented pet system is quite extensive. Not only can you adopt a wild animal as a pet, but you have the option to adopt up to six animals as pets at a time. Each pet has their own unique personality which deepens as you develop a stronger bond with them. All of the typical pet interactions are made available, such as talking and petting. Animals can also be trained to help you on mining and treasure hunting missions.

The standout feature of the pet system is the ability to breed pets together to produce new variants. The eggs you create from this process can then be traded with other players. The update also allows you to edit the genetics of creatures in order to create totally new ones that have never been featured in the game before.

Before the companions update, players had the ability to ride around on animals and have certain ones follow them around. But when it came time to blast off to other regions of the galaxy, players had to say farewell to their furry friends. Now, all of that has changed.

“They will travel side-by-side with you as you adventure through the universe both as a friend and as a valuable aid on your voyage,” the developer said. 

The one thing you can’t do is pit your companion against other creatures in an alien fisticuff battle. I don’t condone any form of alien pet dogfighting. But if there’s an update for it in the future, maybe I’ll reconsider.

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