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New Fortnite skin makes players pretty much invisible

Fortnite players are pissed off at this new skin that can render players invisible if used right. Many fans are calling it a pay-to-win skin, as this skin costs players money and also gives them an advantage. This is obviously a glitch that went through developers’ fingertips, but it should be removed as soon as possible.

New Fortnite skin makes players pretty much invisible 2

In Chapter 2 Season 4 Epic Games gave players the opportunity to customize some superhero skins with new colors of their choice. The skins that causing this game-breaking glitch allowed players to pick out the color and style that they desired. The all-black version of these skins rendered players almost invisible. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this tweet and see if you can find the hidden player. It took me almost a minute. You might have to zoom in a little.

Having a player be this hard to see when you are barging into a room gives a MASSIVE advantage to the player who has this glitchy skin. This needs to be changed right now. This is not the first game-breaking glitch in Fortnite. Back in Chapter 2 Season 5, there was a quicksand glitch which allowed players to become actually invisible after they entered the sand.

This is also not the first time Fortnite has been called out for having some of their paid skins be unfair. Three other Fortnite skins were accused of the same thing a little while back. Hopefully Fortnite can get it together and remove this glitch and stop adding skins which are unfair.

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