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Netflix Geeked Week Day 5 Closeout Broadcast Recap

Netflix Geeked Week may have concluded, however the hype is only just beginning! Take a look at all the exciting, game-related announcements from the livestream!

Netflix Geeked Week 1
Courtesy of Netflix


League of Legends fans were well fed as Day Five of Netflix Geeked Week shared a trailer and clip of the upcoming animated series, Arcane, featuring a story centered around LoL champion Jinx and her sister Vi, another fellow champion. This highly anticipated collaboration between Riot Games and Netflix will arrive in Fall 2021.

The Cuphead Show

Netflix Geeked Week also brought out a clip for another highly anticipated, game-adapted series, The Cuphead Show. In it, we not only got an exciting glimpse of the animation, but we also learned that Wayne Brady would be providing the voice of King Dice. The Cuphead Show delves into the story of the eponymous Cuphead and his younger brother Mugman, faithfully and appropriately adapting the game’s iconic 1930s animation style. A prospective release date has not yet been confirmed. 


While the hit Castlevania television adaptation celebrates its final season, fans received some delightful news that this wouldn’t be the end. Castlevania’s TV saga will continue as it was confirmed that a new series focused on Richter Belmont, descendent of Trevor and Sypha, and Maria Renard is currently in the works. The series will purportedly be set during the French Revolution. 

Netflix x Ubisoft 

The Day Five broadcast of Netflix Geeked Week announced THREE new shows adapted from Ubisoft works coming to the streaming service. The Splinter Cell and Far Cry series are confirmed to be receiving their own respective television adaptations and a collaboration project with Adi Shankar (Castlevania), known as Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is currently in pre-production.

Smite x Stranger Things

After its exciting reveal at the Summer Game Fest kickoff broadcast, viewers got a closer look at the gameplay from the upcoming Smite x Stranger Things Battle Pass. The Battle Pass will arrive July 13, 2021. 

The Witcher

Fans finally got some footage for the upcoming Season 2 of The Witcher, featuring the character Ciri. Additionally, the “WitcherCon” event was also announced to take place on July 9, 2021. More information regarding the series is expected to be discussed and revealed at the event. 

Netflix Witcher 1
Courtesy of Netflix

Resident Evil Live Action Television Series

Day Five of Netflix Geeked Week officially concluded with the exciting revelation of the main cast members for the live-action Resident Evil television adaptation that is currently in the works. The cast will reportedly include the talents of Lance Reddick as villain Albert Wesker, Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph and Paola Nunez. 

While the Netflix Geeked Week has officially ended, fans and viewers have much to look forward to in light of the exciting announcements and slew of upcoming content.

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