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Nerd Street Gamers To Organize First Stage of VALORANT Champions Tour

2021 will be huge for VALORANT, and the main reason for it is set to begin. Last November, Riot Games unveiled the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), which is the first global event of 2021 for the FPS game, but it hadn’t published the exact start date until yesterday. Starting on Jan. 27, VCT’s Stage 1 in North America will be organized by Nerd Street Gamers (NSG).

Nerd Street Gamers VCT 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

“We’re thrilled to provide more details on Stage 1 of the VCT in North America, and unveil our long-time partner, Nerd Street Gamers, as the official tournament operator and producer of this first stage,” Riot said in a statement.

NSG has been playing a huge role in the scene since the closed beta of the game. Arranging multiple independent tournaments, the organization also provided several great events, including the qualifier of First Strike: North America, as a partner of Riot Games. 

Stage 1 of VCT will start with the open qualifiers for VALORANT Challengers on Jan. 27. The whole process of the Challengers stage is going to last until March 7. Here’s the schedule:


  • Open Qualifiers: Jan. 27-31
  • Closed Qualifiers: Feb. 4-7


  • Open Qualifiers: Feb. 10-14
  • Closed Qualifiers: Feb. 18-21


  • Open Qualifiers: Feb. 24-28
  • Closed Qualifiers: March 4-7


  • March 13-14
  • March 19-21

Everything about Stage 1 will be run by Nerd Street Gamers as Riot announced. So if you want to register to compete in it, visit Also, you can find out what VCT is from here.

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