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Nemestice Summer Event Brings New Battle Pass, DK Persona, Spectre Arcana

The International’s venue problems didn’t come in the way of celebrating Dota. Nemestice, the Summer 2021 event, is finally out.

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Courtesy of Valve

The event update features copious amounts of game content. The Phantom Advent (Spectre Arcana), Davion of Dragon Hold (Dragon Knight’s Dota anime-based persona), the Battle Pass and Immortals, seasonal effects, emoticons…the whole deal Dota fans had been missing out this year.

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Courtesy of Valve

Nemestice is the third type of stone emerging from the breaking of the Mad Moon. Until now, the lore had established that only two stones, Direstone and Radiant Ore, had crashed on a planet to form the two ancients which the players defend in every game.

The Nemestice event turns a whole new chapter of lore in the Dota 2 universe. How the summer event ties in with future heroes and upcoming events is anyone’s guess at this point, but Slacks’ LoreGasm series might finally get a new entry.

As for the Battle Pass, according to Dota insider Wykrhm Reddy, there will be a second Battle Pass later in the year.

Unfortunately, there is no gameplay balance update yet. This might be in part due to the ongoing The International’s Regional Open Qualifiers needing the game’s playability on a stable patch.

Nemestice Summer Event and the Battle Pass

The Summer event comes barely two months before the start of The International.

Much like its earlier iterations, this year’s summer event features a special game event that ties in and expands the game’s lore while helping you level up the Battle Pass. Cavern Crawl and Weekly Quests make a return, and as before, require the player to play the Nemestice Event Game.

In the Nemestice game mode, the Nemestice Storm will cause a giant meteorite to strike the centre of the map. Players are required to dodge falling meteorites and channel the fallen ones to collect Nemestice Embers. The more Nemestice Embers players collect, the more attack damage, spell amp and move speed they receive.

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Courtesy of Valve

To balance things out, every time a tower falls, the rest of the allied towers and creeps become stronger. The win condition, as always, is to destroy all enemy structures.

Alongside these, seasonal ambient and item effects, emoticons, and flavor voice lines make a return.

The Nemestice Battle Pass is also not a true Battle Pass that the community is used to; it’s slightly watered down in features. For instance, there isn’t any wagering, achievements and predictions, or additional challenges that the community gets every year.

Until now, every year’s Battle Pass has contributed to The International’s prize pool, but there seems to be no pooling this year. This makes sense because last year’s Battle Pass had already pooled $40,018,195 for TI10 before the pandemic delayed the event to this August. 

Notwithstanding that, it is sad that Valve has decided not to use part of this Battle Pass’ proceeds to fund tier 2 and tier 3 tournaments, or to boost the DPC tournament prize pools.

Spectre Arcana and Immortals

After an eternity, Valve finally released Spectre’s Arcana, the Phantom Advent. And homely, it has outdone itself once again. Hundreds of custom voice lines, ability icon and ambient effects, special icons for Blademail and Radiance, unique kill and death animations, special kill-streak counter; the Arcana has it all.

image 3 2 1
Courtesy of Valve

It’s kinda nice to see Valve finally fully accepting that it can not or will not adhere to its ages-old character art guide. The very same guide that had spawned this immortal meme.

But the Arcana comes with a downside. It’s only available as a high-level Battle Pass reward. Usually, that is fine, but this is the first time that an Arcana that Dota players voted for is not available for direct purchase. Honestly, that feels like a scam, and I reckon the community backlash will be palpable in the coming days. Although to what end? The history of past such incidents doesn’t bode well.

Anyway, Dragon Knight also got some love. Although his base model is still very low polygon owing to it never being updated, the persona looks crisp. It has smooth and punchy animations, a little character flavor, and the voices of both Davion and Slyrak from the anime. It’s a pretty darn good makeover.

Image 4 2
Courtesy of Valve

Apart from these, 10 heroes have new Immortals, and 12 heroes have new Nemestice-themed sets to flaunt.

The blogpost also lists that Dota 2 now supports AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. AMD FidelityFX is an open-source, platform-agnostic (i.e., not limited to AMD GPUs; it works with Nvidia cards too) technology that boosts frame rates for the supported game without compromising performance. It supports both DX11 and Vulkan APIs, although players will have to enable Anti-Aliasing before the FidelityFX option becomes available under the Game Screen Render Quality slider.

You can go through the full list of updates on the official Nemestice Battle Pass page.

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