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NBK Announces Transition to Valorant

Transitions between CS:GO and Valorant continue. One of the prominent names of CS:GO, Nathan “NBK” Schmitt took to social media to announce announce he would be leaving the esport, and find a new home in competitive Valorant.

Courtesy of DreamHack

“I’ve done it all. From local LANs to winning Majors. Grinding through ranks, sat on top of the world. I lived the biggest disappointments and the best tournament wins,” said NBK in his announcement video, which features the player’s old-in game clips. “Counter-Strike gave me everything and I dedicated my life to it, but memories are made to stay in the past. It is time for change and I’m coming to dominate.”

The French player also mentioned via his Twitch stream that he prefers to play a more defensive role in Valorant rather than an entry fragger. Besides switching games, NBK stated he will focus on his streams more as well.

NBK was among the biggest names of French Counter-Strike scene, competing on the high level for more than ten years consecutively. After making his name under VeryGames’ banner in Counter-Strike: Source, the 27-year-old player made his transition to CS:GO in 2012 and moved on to dominating the new scene.

Despite having a history full of success, recent years haven’t been great for NBK. In December 2019, he joined Europe-based OG, but he couldn’t find any decent achievements. The veteran player has been inactive in the roster since February and playing in other teams as a stand-in.

The player’s new home in Valorant is yet to be announced.

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