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NaVi Benches Kendrew From Rainbow 6 Roster

The 21-years-old announced on Twitter his departure from the NaVi squad after almost a two-year run. He made the announcement in a TwitLonger statement, saying he’s, “obviously a little frustrated with the decision,” but that he understands why the decision was taken.

Kendrew Benched NaVi 1
Image courtesy of ESL

“For a while now we struggled with consistency in form and every other change we made whether it was more firepower or more structure, it didn’t work It felt like we was missing that next step to break into the top 4 and onwards, I feel like the only next step was a change in leadership

and fundamentals while it is a risk, it’s something that has a lot of potential,” Kendrew said.

Given that all the teammates understood their devolving situation, he wished them the best, hoping that his departure would help NaVi bring in the change they have been looking for. He also gave a heartfelt thanks to NaVi for being his home for close to two years.

As for the future, Kendrew said, “I will be playing in [European League] next season and you will find out where very soon.” Where he will end up is, as of now, beyond speculation. Batting down the hate train, he added, “There [are] a lot of people that say I’m not deserving of a spot or I should retire, who judge me based of mistakes I have made. To those people, I’m excited to prove you wrong, because I have never in my life been more motivated to be the best I can possibly be and show you why I’m deserving of a spot in EUL.”

NaVi has had a more-than-decent run through 2019, but failed to make a big impact since, having a hard time breaking the top four in all of 2020. With a lot of internal problems and questions being raised on the team’s form, a change has long been in the rumours, which Kendrew believed would come from his departure.

NaVi R6 Results 1
Image courtesy of Liquipedia

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