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N64 Console Lands in The Guinness World Records.

N64 1
Courtesy of Guinness World Records

After setting the internet ablaze with his pocket-sized Nintendo 64, Youtuber and expert modder Gunnar Turnquist had his homemade prototype inscribed in The Guinness World Records as the smallest modified Nintendo 64 console.

The Nintendo 64 is an all-time beloved gaming console with dimensions of 2.87 x 10.23 x 7.48 inches which weighs 2.48 lbs and sports an odd set of controllers with a weird, third leg jutting from behind the center. Forever has this size and appearance stayed the same: that is, until the Massachusettsian craftsman had a unique light-bulb moment. From there, he let his imagination take the reins.

Late last year, Turnquist sat down to carefully disassemble a Nintendo 64 with the intention to rebuild it. While impressive in its own right, Turnquist’s goal wasn’t to put it back together according to its original dimensions. Instead, he fashioned a miniature console he comfortably slipped into his pocket. Once his creation came to life, Turnquist displayed the handheld N64 model on YouTube for the world to see. It didn’t take long for the novelty device to send shockwaves across the internet.

N64 2
Courtesy of Guinness World Records

The one-of-kind design is truly a handheld device in every sense of the word. While its size pales in comparison to the standard model, the original cartridges—nearly the same size as the main unit itself—fit perfectly into the port. Even the screen fits the mold by being proportionally sized at 3.5 inches, which allows it to be played while hooked up to a T.V. 

As if his inventiveness wasn’t impressive enough, Turnquist’s custom design doesn’t require the use of a controller. The device is built with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons which replace the D-pad and C-buttons. The similarity between the handheld controls and original controllers is the shoulder buttons, which act as the ever-so-important R and Z buttons.

Turnquist explains in his video how unlocking the “secrets of the motherboard” proved to be the difficult portion of the process. The record-breaking finished product stands at 3.3 in tall, 4.64 in wide, and 1.77 in deep—23% reduction in total volume from the 2015 record.

For some, the thrill of gaming comes from embarking on the digital adventure. For Turnquist, the delicious excitement comes from the intricacies of the console itself.

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