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My Top 5 Mario Characters

Mario and all the other characters in the Nintendo world have been a part of my life for years. This has given me plenty of time to get some favorites. I can for sure envision some people thinking the reasoning behind my opinions might be a little strange, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Courtesy of Metro
Princess Peach
Courtesy of Nintendo

At number 5 is Princess Peach. What else is there to say about this chick other than she is a baddy. What is there not to like about a woman who rules a mushroom kingdom? Everyone likes a woman who can take charge. The only thing annoying about her character is that she is always put in the damsel-in-distress position. How many times is Mario going to need to rescue her over and over again? Also, a little-known fact is that her character has appeared most in video games throughout the years.

Courtesy of Polygon

At number 4 is Toad. This little guy is so dang cute I just want to pick him up and put him in my pocket. He is extremely loyal to Princess Peach, which you always love to see. He also is one of my favorite characters to play as during a game of Mario Kart because he is small but can hold his own when hit against bigger characters.

Courtesy of USGamer

At number 3 is Waluigi. He is the archenemy of Luigi, hence the similarities in names. Even though this guy is a bad guy in the series, I have to put him on this list for the fact that he is so funny to look at. The way he talks and moves around is like that of a stringbean. His cunning laugh may get on my nerves, but I have to admit, it adds to his character.

Courtesy of Nintendo Life

At number 2 is Wario. The biggest thing I remember about this bowling-ball-looking-SOB is that he was a beast in Mario Baseball. I used to smack so many dingers with this guy. Even though he may also be a bad guy in the series, I think his character design and all-around abilities throughout the series make him worthy of this spot.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you know me then you must know who I am going to put as number 1. My boy Bowser is an all-around beast. He may have a habit of stealing Princess Peach from Mario and taking her to his castle, but he is for sure the most skilled character in all the Mario games. I love using him in Mario Party, Mario Baseball and even Mario Kart.

I didn’t even notice until after I made this list that most of the characters I like the best are bad guys in the series. I don’t know if that says more about me or the quality/ quantity of the bad guys in the Mario games. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just say, “both.”

So is this list solid, or do you think I left out some characters who deserve a spot? Let me know.

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